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  1. Hi Helix, Thanks so much for posting, generating flat cards and using my material with an alpha does give me the feathers I am after but the problem lies with the texturing. Each card is being given separate uv's which isn't what I am after. I am looking for the cards to utilize the same uv's the hair does when you plug in the texture map to drive the color. Attached is what you get. When you use just hair you can see the colors are accurate to the base texture.
  2. Thanks so much for the reply. I am running into two issue with this. 1. The spherical mapping isn't entirely accurate. There are cards on the top where they should be blue but are pink. 2. This example is just a test scene, my plan is to use cards with alpha's on to create feather on my object. I need to use the texture to drive color because my bird is very complex in terms of color and pattern. Hand doing areas won't allow for a realistic transition. Any help is much appreciated.
  3. Hi there, I am working with cinema 4d's hair system and I love the ability to drive hair color by the texture map of my uv'd object that I am trying to add hair to. My problem is this doesn't seem to work when you either generate cards or instances off the hair system. What I am trying to do is use flat cards and have those also driven by the hair material so each card picks up the color of the texture map from the uved object there being generated from. I am attaching two screenshots and a zipped file to my test project file with the setup and textures. My team and I are super stuck and any help would be amazing. Thank you! Example_Test.zip

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