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  1. So not sure if this is just me or if I changed something back in R20, but I've noticed that when I zoom in the picture viewer window it is very jumpy and stick to 5-10% incremenets now instead of smooth zooming. Might sound tiny but it is visually really jarring. Any idea on this? I feel like maybe there was a setting I changed previously but I'm not sure and can't find anything with searching online yet. Thank you!
  2. Hi all! So something that I'm really hoping there is a solution to (haven't found anything googling) is that when I'm working on an animation it is often if not always better to control rigs, etc. in one of my perspective default camera windows. I then hit play or f8 and it obviously goes ahead and plays in said window. This is honestly quite frustrating when I'm trying to see the camera shot and the animation there, I have to constantly, every, single, time, click into the camera window, which (if I can't click the model because it's off camera) now deselects everything I've been working on, I mean honestly even if it didn't this would still be insanely annoying since I have to constantly click between windows to see minor changes in animation from the view of my actual camera. Is there any way to override this setting and let animations play in another, if not all windows?? Thank you!
  3. Thanks for this! Really what I needed. Alternatively I accidentally discovered just now after doing this that if you double tap E,R, or T it will bring up the attributes menu for them in a separate pop up window, seems like this works for most hot keys as well.
  4. I migrated to C4D from 3DS Max about a year ago and it's generally been a good move but I have to say my number 1 point of frustration (and honestly it is maddening when it happens 500 times a project...) is that when I have a model selected, and I'm making adjustments to it in the attributes manager, every single time I click on the move/rotate/scale tools the attribute window shifts into displaying the properties of the move/rotate/scale tool.... I have to go back and click off the object and click back on it again every. single. time. Is there anything that can stop this from happening? The constant back and forth is so insanely repetitive and frustrating. please help, hah.
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