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  1. Thanks man, now i get what your doing. Starting to understand how to manipulate the Dynamics. However, i am getting some weird activity right when its droping and staying it course, it hits a invisible wall before finally dropping. https://www.dropbox.com/s/zivxnndclwrm05j/2019-06-01_00-31-07.mov?dl=0 Attached is the video, i video recorded it. Also v5 is available in the share up there if you want to recreate it.
  2. Check it out V4 @natevplas Almost done, just need a bit of help cleaning up when the jar drops onto the chair cloth. If i turn on the dynamics close to when the chair finally opens, it buggs out and shoots the jar. I left it how it is now, but i woud like to have it open right after the chair opens. File somehow became really big don't know why. But heres my dropbox. https://www.dropbox.com/s/m5c5047aqpxtzok/beach chair open v4.c4d?dl=0
  3. Thank you so much! Everytime i think i know how Dynamics work they always mess with my head lol. So i am bit confused i see that you put that shape inside the Dynamics tag. What's the explanation on why that would hold it together.
  4. Thanks so much man! I really learned a lot from just dissecting the scene! This makes sense as the scene looks like they used clothed. Never in a million years would i have known you can use a spring rofl, super clever @natevplas Also love the targets, now i know how powerful targets can be. Was trying to figure out those legs for a while lol. Do you think he used a rigid body to make the chair fall down so real? When i use it, the chair falls apart, even when i tick off self collision with itself.
  5. If someone told me opening a beach chair would be the hardest thing you will ever do in your life, i would of told them they are crazy. So i figured out how to make the Binded rigg and the softbody to work together. Just got to find out how to make the cloth stick to the beach chair. Any help would be greatly appreciated =P
  6. Trying to achieve this affect. I modeled the chair, i applied the soft body to connectors. It is animated and springs with a rigid body. I just don't understand how i attach the cloth to the poles, fold with the beach chair and make them stay with the chair through all those rotations and opening, etc I also attached what i have so far. Hope you can help =) 59486141_136066790888487_2661247673083079415_n.mp4 beach chair.c4d
  7. Really good video to help you would be this. You need to export your rendered footage as alpha and then use mode screen in AE to place it over the original. Your example looks like they froze the picture and then applied the effect in 2D. Hopefully this gets you closer to your answer.
  8. @Hrvoje Your the best lol. Thanks =)! @Cerbera I am about to give this a try, i will let you know how its goes! Thanks for being so detailed
  9. This is what i have so far, i am using Extrude object and using the Fillet Cap - with Concave I get this, which is really close but *** is all those weird lines. Is my logo to complex? attached is the file and what i have now. Logo Engraved Fail.c4d
  10. So how would i go about putting a logo on a Plane but i need the plane to have the logo embedded also indenting in like the picture attached. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  11. @RobertL Wait I should add translucency on the label? Wouldnt that dilute the color on the label. Can you give me a example?
  12. I just started here, I think the ads are not overly invasive, if anything Facebook has more ads and since they are google ads, it’s shows ads that are pretty spot on to a persons interest. Love your site and what your doing here. I think vanderladen is wrong about being able to go to another site. No other site has this many experienced designers helping noobs like me. Keep up the great work
  13. Wait I think I just understood what you said. Instead of using a material blender. I should make a Diffuse map with the label and glass together? A normal map, gloss roughness map? is there a application to help with making diffuse color textures, normal maps, and reflection. or anyone know a tutorial? Thanks brothers!
  14. Hmm , I get you. That’s another beast to tackle, guess back to the tutorials lol. I definitely don’t know how to UV anything but I’m sure I can find a tutorial on YouTube. Thanks for the help. I will try building a UV map for the jar. Just looking at some of the uv maps from poliigon and other sites scares my pants off me.

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