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  1. I'm also having a problem with the inheritance effector, every time I open the project the motexts rotation scale and position is off, so it doesn't seem like it morphs into the next motext object. Going back and looking at the actual numbers of position scale and rotation nothing actually changes, its just changes in the viewport, is this a bug?
  2. Ive watched a few tutorials on this but cant seem to get the sketch tag motion streaks to show in Picture viewer no matter what I do. (attaching to a different Object or changing render settings) Can anyone take a look and help? I render to picture viewer and am still not seeing anything. I have attached the project file. Sketch and Toon Problem 1.c4d
  3. Hey man so i did what you said and then used the slide and normal move method to create a shape more similar to the product, I'm still trying to get the details down, is there any other non-destructive way I can move points, edges or polys besides using "Slide or Normal Move".
  4. Hey man, so I am now trying to model the rest of the heart camera (the one on the top from the picture below) I just boundary loop selected the end of the tip and extruded all the way down for the rod, I tried using parametric modeling for the rest but as you can see I'm running into some weird shape issues when I use the loft, I also tried to keep extruding from the rod but ran into some weird problems whenever I tried to change the degree of the extrude too many times, I'm guessing I should just make a new cube object, create 2 circles on either end and extrude out from there, followed by ro
  5. I did use the move tool a bit but I left mesh checking on, Non planar polygons set to 15 degree threshold, nothing is highlighted red as long as I dont drop the threshold, it looks fine when rendering but I have the pre adjusted model saved if you think I should just go back and do it the other way.
  6. Took your advice and making the LEDs out of half capsules, I noticed some of the holes i made for the lights arent perfect circles, ive been using the slide and move tools to move the points around to make them look more symmetrical when I add the SDS, is there another way of fixing the symmetry of these damned things?
  7. Should I just make spheres and place them in the holes for the lights?
  8. Sorry still getting used to this site, I replied directly above. "
  9. ok, when you say set the SDS object to L1...what does L1 mean?
  10. Yup doing it now, I split the screen with the main object like you said and made it a child of the main polygon. I also hid the remaining polygons still connected to the object with a selection tag (seemed like a bad idea to delete them if I can just hide them. My question is do I only subdivide the original poly and not the screen that I have split?
  11. This is what Ive come up with, not sure of another way? I'm getting some weird bump, I'm guessing due to ngons. I just created more loop cuts and beveled the points to make circles.


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