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  1. Hey man, so I am now trying to model the rest of the heart camera (the one on the top from the picture below) I just boundary loop selected the end of the tip and extruded all the way down for the rod, I tried using parametric modeling for the rest but as you can see I'm running into some weird shape issues when I use the loft, I also tried to keep extruding from the rod but ran into some weird problems whenever I tried to change the degree of the extrude too many times, I'm guessing I should just make a new cube object, create 2 circles on either end and extrude out from there, followed by rounding the edges off of the square with a bevel?  Or maybe I could use a boole I guess?

    Screenshot (12).png


  2. I did use the move tool a bit but I left mesh checking on, Non planar polygons set to 15 degree threshold, nothing is highlighted red as long as I dont drop the threshold, it looks fine when rendering  but I have the pre adjusted model saved if you think I should just go back and do it the other way.

  3. Took your advice and making the LEDs out of half capsules, I noticed some of the holes i made for the lights arent perfect circles, ive been using the slide and move tools to move the points around to make them look more symmetrical when I add the SDS, is there another way of fixing the symmetry of these damned things?

    Screenshot (11).png

  4. 5 hours ago, Cerbera said:

    Well, adding those lights like that has single-handedly undone all the good work we did earlier, and as you have spotted, ruined the surfaces...

    Actually we're not ready to cut in the lights yet - we have to do the center indent first while we are this polygon level. The topology for that shouldn't run from end to end of the model, which will disrupt the curvature all the way along the bottom edge, but should instead be redirected AROUND the cutout via Inner Extrude like in the pic below.




    I have split the surface of  the indent off so that it becomes its own separate object, which will be very helpful later for texturing. I think you will eventually have to build the camera behind it as well, as it is not fully opaque. Likewise, the lights probably are LEDs behind a plastic screen.


    Next we do not have enough subdivision to cut in the light holes yet, so let's fix that by setting the SDS object to L1 (editor and renderer) then hitting C to make it editable, before deleting half the models again, and restoring symmetry. NOW we have enough polys to be able to cut the lights in with minimal disturbance to the surrounding areas, using the very minimum amount of edges we need to do that, which is 8, like so...




    To make that I selected the 4 polys outside the light hole, inner extruded once, then used the slide tool to move the corner points in and the remaining 4 out to get the circle. Then I inner Extruded again to get the control loop outside that.


    So that is what the topo for one light should like before you split off the selected polys (above) as the cover, and extrude the original surface back to make the light inner section. When you have done all 3, it should look something like this under a new L2 SDS object... note no SDS distortion, and all our curves remain undisturbed.


    5 hours ago, Cerbera said:




    You will want to extrude in much further than I did if you are making the LEDS that sit under the surface.

    Does that give you enough to work with so you know how to proceed ?

    Why would I want to extrude them much further? Could I just extrude inner extrude again from what I see here and then extrude the cirlces out to make a bulb like shape?



  5. Yup doing it now, I split the screen with the main object like you said and made it a child of the main polygon. I also hid the remaining polygons still connected to the object with a selection tag (seemed like a bad idea to delete them if I can just hide them.


    My question is do I only subdivide the original poly and not the screen that I have split?

  6. Hey maybe you can help me out again. So I went ahead and got the new cinema 4d r20 and followed your instructions because I really want to learn how to learn to do this stuff on my own, however I ran into another problem, not sure if it has to do with my settings in cinema 4d or maybe its  a weird glitch...My problem is that when I add a polygon to a Subdivision Surface object i get extra edges and points. I did some trial and error, opened your project file that you sent me originally and I do not see the same problem, however, when I merge my project with yours then even your original subdivided polygon gets these same extra edges and lines.


    Ive been hacking away trying to figure out what it is and I see that if I uncheck SDS cage in the filters menu then they disappear, but I do want to point out that when I go back to your original project that SDS cage is not unchecked and I see no difference in the lines, it is only in my project or when I merge my project with yours. Is this a cause for concern? I have uploaded the merged project file and your original as well as a screenshot of the each, please take a look and tell me what this is all about?

    Heart Camera 2 Fix Problem.c4d Heart Camera 2 Fix(1).c4d

  7. When you say insert the vertical loops first what are you referring to exactly? Sorry I dont see anything referring to "vertical Loops" in the step one. The only directions I see is to use the Line Cut or for me Knife Tool in line mode to cute the curve in the right orthographic view.


    For future reference would it be worth it for me to get r18 or r20 for that matter, is modeling that much more efficient with those versions of c4d?

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