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  1. When using fields with certain deformers I'm having a problem with c4d offsetting the defined field space and other bizarre behavior. I've attached an example project file where the effect of the field has been given an unwanted offset on the Z axis when using moExtrude. Any info on why this happens would be greatly appreciated. FieldOffset.c4d
  2. Thank you! Reset PSR didn't seem to work with resetting to the right angle, I'm not sure why. But zeroing out the coordinates in the small menu to the bottom right of the viewport worked. I'm not sure what that menu is called and how/why it behaves so much differently than the coordinate menu you find within each object.
  3. Hey Cerbera. I don't know what the angle is. Wouldn't angle quantize only work if the angle is divizable by certain increments? Unfortunately, by eye is not good enough as it needs to be an exact match.
  4. Hello everyone, This seems like a really simple thing to do but I cant seem to figure it out. I want to change the axis of a spline with only two points to align to the direction of those two points. I basically want to make sure that one of the 3 axis arrows aligns with the direction of the spline and that there is no orange box around the object. I'm hoping there is a tool to help with this but as it is right now I can't even figure out how to do it manually. Thanks for reading! SplineAxis.c4d
  5. @wesware Wow thanks for this! I'll give it a look later tonight.
  6. How about this setup with a Spherify Deformer? Deform_On_Sphere_A.c4d
  7. Here is a version with the Signal plugin for the motion instead of keyframes. ButterflyWings_withSignalPlugin.c4d
  8. I made a very simple rig of butterfly wings, but I can't figure out how to stop them from colliding with each other while keeping the motion looking somewhat organic. I know very little about character rigging, but maybe there is something way around this? The overlap is so slight. Adjusting weight maps just makes the flapping look off and so does lowering the angle of the flap. I don't know how to get collisions to work with this sort of thing. It might be hard to assess this sort of thing without the project file. I've attached it below. It uses two simple joint cha
  9. Yes @teknow's example is what I was looking for. Was hoping to find some way to take the data from the position in the queue, not in XYZ space but I think this will work out alright.
  10. Thanks @deck. I hadn't thought about using blend mode. This is the distribution of sizes that I'm looking for throughout the timeline. but when I press play in that example too, the distribution moves likes everything else I have created so far. ^ not what i'm aiming for.
  11. @deck No worries! Enjoy your din. Did you get a chance to look at any of the c4d files I sent? When I animate the cloned objects to move along the spline the step deformation also moves along with it. I can create another example if you're still cofused.
  12. Thanks Deck. I'm not exactly sure how to do this the right way. I've an attached an example using the align to spline tag and it is still behaving the same way. I am especially baffled because the Step effector is placed after the the Spline effector in this example. Is there any way you could share a quick example? example3.c4d
  13. There are two approaches that I've tried to get this effect, but neither are working quite the way I want them to. 1. I have a Cloner set to object mode and am using a spline as its reference object. The Cloner object gives special parameters for splines. I like that you can animate the offset parameter and create the effect of items moving along a queue. I want to change the size of each clone based on the position in the queue. So in my example file I would like all of the clones to get smaller as they are approaching the point, not to maintain their original deformation
  14. I have an alembic file that was made using volumes in r20. When I tried to render out the alembic file in r19, I was getting an "out of memory" error a few frames into the process. The alembic file renders without issue in r20. The original alembic file is 582,705kb. I'm not sure if this would be considered large for an alembic file. I made a smaller (shorter timeline) version of the alembic (around 100,000kb) which rendered once without issue and a second time I was given the same "out of memory" error. It seems like I will have to chop down the original file into a several
  15. Took me a bit longer to get back to this than I had hoped for... I think I've got things to a point that are alright for me, but I'm still finding these kind of features very awkward to go about making. Is this what you mean by next to each other for the vertices @Rectro ? Thanks again for all the help on this one
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