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  1. Good to know that is how I'm going about it. This sneaky lil guy helps alot! Thanks for all your help.
  2. Ok thanks Cerbera, I'm trying out the first method you listed as well. Your re-topology of the hemisphere looks really smooth. Are you using the HBMB tools to do this? This is the result I got when trying to do so manually. I've been been stuck on trying to get rid of that triangle in the bottom left corner of my mesh.
  3. I'm having trouble finding a good method for combining these two shapes into a single object for an SDS model. If both of the flat polygons intersected the hemisphere and were aligned to its Y axis I think I might be ok extruding flaps and stretching to match. ^ I don't think this kind of technique would work so well for the left side of the object. The flat polygon has an irregular axis and forms a complex curve when it intersects the hemisphere. I can't find any good methods to trace this kind of curve along the hemisphere and then extrude off into a flat plane. Maybe there are some techniques I'm missing that would be good for this kind of thing? WrappedCurve.c4d
  4. Thanks again for these solutions Cerbera! I guess the main problem with my ridge loop geometry is that it terminates along an edge and creates a six point pole? Are you able to come to these solutions because of your experiences with trial and error or are there some principles that I'm missing? (I'm sure it's both) I never would've thought of your quad patch method. Super efficient! I think I have a shape close to your initial syrup bottle form. I went about constructing it in a rather odd way though because I wasn't sure how the top was supposed to work out.
  5. Thank you again Cerbera. The column GIF tutorial was really helpful. I started modelling a new glass and I think everything looks okay except I am a bit stuck on the bottom area. I made some attempts to taper down the polycount as the loops on the base of the glass move inwards. Otherwise it the density of lines coming from the edges of the glass collected to form a strange shape at the bottom. I found two ways of doing this, but both create six point poles ( I forgot to dissolve the line between two triangles in my example too). Also my the topology of my inner circle might be misguided...? RocksGlassQ.c4d
  6. Here is a clearer example of what I'm trying to avoid. There is a slight curve in the cylinder right before the inlets even though all of the edges are on the same axis. MapleSyrup.c4d Glass.c4d
  7. I've been trying to model these features I'm seeing on a water glass and maple syrup container. Would one call these inlets? I'm feeling like my topology is a bit off. I'm finding that it is tricky to smoothly transition between a rounded surface to a flat plane. My "inlet" areas extend a flatness that borders their intrusions. I am trying to avoid this. The water glass and syrup container that I am modeling from maintain a fairly smooth surface around the inlets. It seems like this is a common pattern in objects, so maybe there is a fairly straight forward solution?
  8. Ok never mind. This and @contrafibbularities tutorials are changing everything. Maybe I need to let this rest for a little longer.
  9. If I'm using the "line cut" tool and it is not set to "single line" is there something I need to press to finalize each new line I make. The way I use the tool now involves switching back and forth between the line tool and something else in order to complete my lines i.e. make a line with "line cut" then click "live selection" and then back to "line cut". I've noticed in tutorials that sometimes the user's line tool is green, but mine is yellow. Maybe this has something to do with it?
  10. Thank you again for the wealth of information on SDS. This should keep me busy for at least a day. Yep! I was curious to see where I'd have the most difficulty so I know what to work towards.
  11. Thanks Cerbera. I think there is a transition on both the top surface and the arm. I tried getting some better pictures for you with my iphone, but it's a bit tricky with my iphone as these trimmers are kindof small :O
  12. Here's my project file. I had trouble posting it earlier. TrimmersQ.c4d
  13. So I've been trying to model these trimmers. I'm trying to figure out how to best model the edge of the blade that I've circled. I used some of the topology you showed me in your first example, which is better than what I already had, but I think there could be some improvements. In my current model, this flat edge extends to a thickness that is wider the neighboring "rounded" edge. This isn't the case on the real trimmers, but I'm having trouble setting up topology that follows these contours. I hope this makes some sense.
  14. Wow. Thank you for this in depth explanation Cerbera. It is indeed very helpful! Are you doing the boolean operation with primitives? I had to make my cube editable and add a bend deformation to it in order to get the surfboard shape on the intersection. I can't figure out how to get the surfboard shape otherwise. The original question of this post was actually my attempt to simplify what I thought were the basic concepts I've been struggling with in a separate modelling project. I've tried to use some of the things I've learned today in the project, but there is a lot of room for improvement. Maybe if I post the real project you will see some clear solutions.
  15. Thanks Cerbera! The kite solution seems to be what I need to make the slice feature. Is there a way to do this without extra support loops around the corners? I would like the shape to be a cylinder when sub divided and the extra loops reinforce a rectangular shape.



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