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  1. Hey c4d cafe, We are working on a storytelling role-playing game and using pre-rendered images based on stock models. 1) you will get a c4d scene with a character and outfit models with basic textures / materials and lights setup. 2) Your job is to set up the material channels and lights to produce a better picture with the same models and textures. The key shot is a portrait shot, so materials of skin, eyes, inner mouth and hair are key to produce a realistic image. Additional materials like cloth, metal and wood are also required. Target quality reference: https://www.daz3d.com/ester-for-genesis-8-female 3) What is the delivery: the delivery is the whole c4d scene with the updated setup of material, lights and render setting producing the target quality render. 4) For details, deadline and pay, send your portfolio or example of portrait renders to andrej AT poeticstudio DOT com. Or PM me here. Ideally you'll stay in the native Cinema 4D CPU renderer, but you can also use a GPU renderer like Redshift or Octane. Keeping an efficient render speed is important. Thank you.



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