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  1. Ok, so I found the workaround, if anyone is interested: 1) export scene with File > Export > Ortantrix Alembic (I used Cinema R20) 2) open the exported file, with ANOTHER installation of Cinema 4D, that does not have Orantrix plugin installed (I used Cinema R21) It opens the spline as an alembic object: - you have to click on 'Make Editable' - then add a Point Cache tag, and Store and Calculate the animation - then you can right click the object and use Show Tracks, (I use View > Automode and drag and drop the object into the Track View), Function > Bake objects and make sure PLA is checked - this produces a Spline animated at PLA level, that can be used to drive a Hair object (drag and drop into Guides Link, select Spline Guides and make sure to uncheck Hair Dynamics)
  2. @Intenditore: Thank you for your reply. Yes, I checked the File > Export > Orantrix Alembic (.abc) option before even posting here, but the trouble was, when I reopened the generated .abc Cinema reinterpreted it as an Ornatrix object (which makes sense). But your comment gave me another reason to try, and I imported it into Blender and yes! it brings over animated curves! I just now have to figure out what format to use, to export the animated curves from blender and import them back into Cinema so that they are imported as Splines. I tried to export from Blender as alembic and import in Cinema, but the scene seems empty. But I'll keep trying. If anyone has experience with Blender and can advice me on export options, it's highly appreciated. @MighT: Thank you for your offer, I'll see how this pans out.
  3. Hi, thank you for your fast reply. Regarding your questions: 1) Shift+C does not have the 'Export Spline' command listed. Only a 'CurvesFromStrands' command adding the modifier. 2) How can I verify if "it leaves a trace in script listener"? What is a script listener? Do you mean the Script > Console (Shift + F10)? Is so, no, there is nothing new in the console, when I click on the 'Export Spline' button. The saving of the generated spline is not a problem, I have a similar script using the 'Edge To Spline' command, it creates a newdoc = c4d.documents.IsolateObjects( doc, [temp] ), saves it, kills it and sets the original one back as active, advances a frame, generates a new spline, isolates it etc.. If I understand the point 2) correctly, I agree there are only tricks left: Is there not a way how to simulate a UI button click? The plugin has the UI definitions in the res forlder: there is a oCurvesFromStrandsModifier.res with GROUPS and SEPARATORS definitions, including a GROUP { COLUMNS 2; BUTTON cfs_Button_Rebuild {} BUTTON cfs_Button_Export {} } defintiion. and oCurvesFromStrandsModifier.h has an enum defintiion with ... cfs_Button_Rebuild = 3000, cfs_Button_Export, ... Can we somehow simulate a button click in the UI? Selecting the CurvesFromStrands object in Object Manager, and open/select/make active the Attribute Manager and activate/press/click button UI #2? Or take over mouse control, set it to a screen pixel coordinate (I would use a fixed layout) and trigger a Left Button Event? I don't need a bullet proof solution, a hack is good enough. Thank you.
  4. Hello, I'd like to hire a coder to help me write a custom script for me for Cinema 4D R20+. I'm using the Ornatrix plugin https://ephere.com/plugins/MAXON/c4d/ornatrix/, and I'd like the script to go trough each frame of the scene and "press" the 'Export Spline' button (execute the corresponding command) found in the 'CurvesFromStrands' Ornatrix modifier, and save out the each resulting Spline into a separate c4d scene. (Context: I can then load the resulting sequence of c4d scenes into a xref object and bake them into 1 animated spline with Point Level Animation. The stepping trough frames, and saving out scenes with 1 separated spline and the baking I already got covered. What I'm struggling with is how to interact with the Ornatrix plugin) Thank you, Andrej
  5. Hey c4d cafe, We are working on a storytelling role-playing game and using pre-rendered images based on stock models. 1) you will get a c4d scene with a character and outfit models with basic textures / materials and lights setup. 2) Your job is to set up the material channels and lights to produce a better picture with the same models and textures. The key shot is a portrait shot, so materials of skin, eyes, inner mouth and hair are key to produce a realistic image. Additional materials like cloth, metal and wood are also required. Target quality reference: https://www.daz3d.com/ester-for-genesis-8-female 3) What is the delivery: the delivery is the whole c4d scene with the updated setup of material, lights and render setting producing the target quality render. 4) For details, deadline and pay, send your portfolio or example of portrait renders to andrej AT poeticstudio DOT com. Or PM me here. Ideally you'll stay in the native Cinema 4D CPU renderer, but you can also use a GPU renderer like Redshift or Octane. Keeping an efficient render speed is important. Thank you.
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