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  1. I added some segments to the tube and it did the work. What is a non-manifold edges?
  2. How would you get rid of these edges, which are affecting the roundness of the ring? Thanks Ring Geometry.c4d
  3. Can you please end your file so I can have a look at it? Thanks.
  4. Thanks CBR. What do you mean by "Selected Points, Edges, Polys and N-gons showing in the HUD" ? Where do you run on Mesh checker?
  5. I'm not bad at modelling but I'm kind of stuck here. In need to model this fan with rounded edges. I started from a tube and I extruded the straight part out. The straight part has got nice rounded edges, but the cylindrical part has got hard edges. How would you model this to get nice rounded edges all around? Fan.c4d
  6. Thanks. I did ask GSG and waiting for reply.
  7. I purchased a kit from Greyscalegorilla. I'm using one of their studios for my scene. I'm saving the final project with assets and sending it to a render farm. The render farm is telling me that all the assets from that studio (textures) are missing. However, the are not missing in my scene and I can render without any problem here. For some reason, those assets are not being saved. Any idea why? Thanks.
  8. Thanks guys. I just sent my bid. waiting for a decision. BTW, it's a 4-5 minute video, which means it should be approximately 3 minutes of actual animation. Thanks.
  9. Thank you for all this useful information. To me, C4D's Physical renderer works fine. All I do is animations, so its slowness can be a problem. One thing I will do though is get a faster machine. I work on Macs because I also do graphic design and it' just more practical. I don't want to work on two platforms so I stick to Macs. In the mean time, I only do the final render with Physical and I often simply send it to a farm. I just don't want to miss out on anything. I often need to make things look real and very sharp so I'm just wondering if this can be easier and better with other renderers. It just blows my mind that the best renderer is not C4D's native. It's like buying a Mercedes and having to buy another manufacturer's engine to put in it. This is something I don't get.
  10. Thanks CBR, very informative. It is true that the Physical renderer is pretty good but damn slow. How do you know if your machine can handle GPU renderer? I'm working on an iMac. Thanks
  11. I'm currently bidding on a project. It's a 4 to 5 minute video mostly consisting of 3D animations. There's no character, it's mostly very technical. I'm looking for a backup C4D artist to do part of it, just in case I need it. I need someone that can turn around pretty quickly and won't cost me my shirt. The project would consist on modeling, texturing and animating the device. It's a high-tech device so it would need some interesting effects. How do I find the best person for this job? How do I make sure that person is qualified?
  12. I know this question may have been asked millions of times, but I've never really found answers that satisfy me. So please bear with me. I've been working with C4D for a couple of year now and I've only used C4D's native standard or physical renderer. I know nothing about renderers, other than they render wireframe 3D graphics into images. I hear so much about other render engines such as Redshift, Octane, etc. This is very confusing. I have a few questions: 1. What can I read to fully understand the logic behind a renderer? 2. Can you really see the difference between renderers, visually? Is it that obvious? 3. If I create a scene in C4D, can I simply later use another renderer to render it? All a renderer does is render, correct? Thanks.
  13. Hrvoje, I'm using R20. Can't open you file. Error message: "incorrect file structure".
  14. I have a scene with a semi-transparent object and a couple of backdrops in the back. I gave a "Not seem by camera" tag to the backdrops. I noticed that we still can see the backdrops behind the semi-transparent object. This is very strange. Any idea why?
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