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  1. Can't really reduce number of polygones without compromising the quality of the image.
  2. What do you mean by "optimizing my scene"? I used the default GI setting, Samples set to medium.
  3. I'm rendering a 1200 frame animation, so I'm trying to find the best rendering settings for a shorter render time. Not so obvious. I find the Physical renderer gives me better results, but not by much (compared to the Standard renderer). I get my best results by enabling GI, but this more than doubles the render time. Are there settings that can help me get similar results without long render times?
  4. Uniform was the problem. Thanks! Did not really know where to post the question. I thought about Animation but certainly did not think it should be posted in Procedural Modelling!
  5. I'm animating a growing line using the Sweep function (circle and spline). I'm also animating a sphere on the same path using the Align to spline tab. The problem is, they are not synchronized. This is probably caused by the fact that one is temporal and the other is positional. Any way to solve this? Thanks.
  6. I animated transparency using the visibility function in the Display Tag. H ow ever, as you can see here, it's not doing a great job. It's as though the shadow the object is creating goes from 100% to 0% instantly. How can I solve this? Is the Display tag my best option? I tried to use transparency in the texture but it does something similar.
  7. Anti-aliasing is set to Best (min 1X1, Max 4X4). What's a "reflectance workflow"?
  8. You can get a better ideal of what I mean on this render.
  9. This happens often and I can't control it. I created a simple shinny texture and when I render it with the standard renderer (w/AO), it gives me a surface with dots or pixels, as shown. You can see it clearly on the grey metal box. The same thing happens when I use one of C4D's metal preset textures. What creates that?
  10. I'm using R21. I need to animate an object getting completely transparent by enabling the transparency channel and disabling the reflectance channel. Still, I can't get a perfect transparency. Any idea?
  11. I am using one license on two computers. I forgot to release the license on a first computer and I need to use it on the other. The problem is, I do not have access to that first computer. How can I release the license and use C4D on the 2nd computer?
  12. Can someone please open this file with R19 or earlier and save it so I can open it with my R21? Tanks. Fluorescent Fixture 24.c4d.zip
  13. Found them. You had to know. Hate menu changes. Thanks.

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