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  1. Can't make these Instances editable and Current State of Object does do anything either. I need to find the related object amongst hundreds of objects which is very time consuming. Thanks.
  2. I imported a file from Solid Edge and it gave me lots of Instance Objects. How do I make those editable?
  3. I have one C4D annual subscription and two Mac computers that are not linked to a network but in the same office. Can I use one of the Macs to make myself a local render farm with Team render?
  4. The biggest hurdle I have with C4D is render time. I create technical animations and they take days, sometimes weeks to render. Is there a way to render on a second computer without having to purchase a second license? Rendering on a second computer would cut my render time in half. But I don't want to purchase another license just for rendering. Any such solution possible?
  5. This happens frequently. My C4D interface becomes weird, partially black and buttons are missing. If I scroll my mouse over the missing buttons, they reappear. The only way to solve this is to reset the layout, but it keeps coming back. It looks like a graphic card problem. Never had this problem before and it is only with C4D.
  6. The 5 black fans that you see is a cloner. I always thought cloners would speed up render time.
  7. Got a very good result from your settings but render time is way up, 49 min/frame. Will try to play around with the settings and try to bring the rende time down as much as I can.
  8. If you select the Adaptive sampler, you still have to select a Sampling Quality. Do you set it to Automatic?
  9. I am working on a 10 second animation and I need to find a way to cut down render time while keeping a descent quality. Setup for Physical renderer is pretty normal with some QI & AO. I'm also adding some depth of field. The difference in render time between a Medium and High sampling quality is enormous, as you can see here. 20 min vs 80 min for a single frame! The biggest difference is really the blur on the right of the image. Is there a way to improve that blur without adding a full hour to render one frame? It will take weeks to render the 300 frames. Thanks.
  10. Thanks CBR. I think manual point positioning is my best and quickest options, as you said. In addition, I will not zoom in to the particular area, as this is part of a bigger electrical panel, as you can see.
  11. CBR, I need to use the Cubic projection. So, when I animate the colour change with alpha, each side is animated independently. I want the whole object to change colour, from one end to the other. I'm probably doing something wrong here. Screen_Recording_1.mp4
  12. I'm modelling an electrical wire terminal with wires connected to it. My goal is to get a nicely organized and squeezed together wire bunch, so I can put tie-wraps in a few places. I'm using the cloner and here's what I got. Not bad, But it's still not perfect and some of the cables are interacting, one wire going through another one. Each cable is made of a sweep nurb. I'm trying to adjust the spline of each cable but it's a tedious work. Any technique that might simplify my work? Also, how do you smooth out the wires (sweep nurbs) ? I'm putting each wire in a subdivision nurb but there must be some kind of adjustment that can be done. Thanks.
  13. I need to animate a texture change on an object, from an aluminium finish to a painted finish. I tried to do it with the alpha channel of one of the textures but it did not work. I was thinking maybe of using a Mograph effector but before I spend time trying to see if it works, I am wondering if someone here has ever tried it. Thanks.
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