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  1. V-Ray renderer. But the Gradient window is pretty much the same as in the standard renderer. I rebooted the software and it solved the problem. Probably a refresh issue as you mentioned. Thanks.
  2. For some unknown reason, when I play around with the knots to change the gradient, it doesn't match in the view window, as you can see here. All I'm trying to do is animate from total black to a gradient. I've done this before but can't seem to reproduce it.
  3. Thanks guys for the tips. Will put it to good use. On last question, do cloner objects use more memory than non-cloner objects? I always thought one of the advantages of cloner objects was low memory use!
  4. I am able to render after I reboot my computer (Mac), but just handling the scene and moving around takes forever and the computer doesn't like it. I could simplify the scene a lot but this is a one shot deal and it would take me longer to simplify the scene than to simply wait for the computer to complete the tasks. I was just wondering, for future cases like this, if someone had a procedure for handling larger scenes. Thanks.
  5. I have a huge project, around 500M. It's a complicated scene with hundreds of objects. When I try to render it (single frame), my computer sometimes runs out of memory and crashes. I'm using R21 with V-Ray. Question: does anyone have a procedure to render my scene in multiple files and rebuild it in Photoshop, seamlessly?
  6. You're perfectly right. Did not express myself correctly. Forget about the 1280X720. I usually render letter size at 200 dpi as shown in this screenshot. Most of my work endup in print.
  7. Working on a Mac, can't use them. For now at least.
  8. You're right. It's just strange is all. By the way, I'm new to V-Ray, using the trial version. Pretty fast I tell you. Took less than 3 minutes to render the last image above. 1280X700 at 200dpi. It would have taken at least 30 minutes with Physical with my experience. Still need to solve the antialiasing. Easy in Physical, not so with V-Ray.
  9. That's a bit strange. It means I could put a simple candle in the middle of my warehouse, crank up the ISO and perfectly light the room? Of course, I wouldn't get all the reflections.
  10. I boosted the camera's ISO to 300. Makes a big difference. I'm starting to like this! I'm always afraid of boosting the ISO because with film cameras, this means more grain. Thanks again.
  11. Thanks Dasfrodo, I'm not very familiar with IES. I just downloaded Pixar's library. I will give it a try. Are they as accurate and natural as area lights? It's true the floor is not reflecting the lights. They do appear if I change the angle, as you can see here. I will try to make some changes so they do show more my main view. V-Ray cameras do offer control over ISO, exposure, shutter speed, etc. I'm trying to find the correct adjustments to get the most natural light and it's a long process, as you wrote.
  12. Here's where I'm at with my warehouse. Using V-Ray 3.7. My warehouse is real size, approximately 40ft (15m) X 18ft (6m). I have positioned 8 V-Ray area lights at the ceiling. I've set GI to the default settings. I want the room to be very bright, but it seems the more I crank up the light intensity, the more the image is faded and not very sharp, as you can see here. It looks like there's smoke in the air. How can I add light intensity without compromising sharpness? Also, I'm having trouble with antialiasing. Any idea how to fix this in V-Ray?
  13. I need to light a large bright warehouse such as this one. I'm not sure how to approach this. I'm running R21 with V-Ray as a render engine. I'm thinking using several V-Ray Area lights at high intensity coupled with a HDRI image in the Environment tab and GI turned on. My warehouse is real size (40m X20m X8m) so it's rather large. I seem I can't get enough light in there to properly light it. Any tip would be appreciated.
  14. Thanks Dane but I still have my doubts... Quick question. Where would I get the best training on Vray for C4D? There seems to be very little training material out there.
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