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  1. This is true. Forgot about that. Thanks!
  2. I have a room with a ceiling. The camera needs to see the ceiling but I also need the outside light (above the ceiling) to go through the ceiling, as if there were no ceiling. Is this possible?
  3. I need to end my subscription since I will be using the license of the new company I work for. When I go to my Account page, I don't see anything regarding the cancelation of my subscription. Any idea how to do this? Thanks.
  4. I'm on a Mac. I just changed the layout to Standard and it fixed the problem, for now.
  5. My C4D R21 interface is acting funny. Part of it becomes black and part of the menu disappears. It reappears when I slide my mouse over it. Weird stuff. See for yourself. Anyone with the same problem?
  6. Thanks guys. Pose Morph seems to be the best solution. Should have thought of that.
  7. I would like to control the position of multiple polygons via a User Data Slider. I regularly use it to control objects but can it be done with polygons?
  8. Thanks Bezo. I thought there may have been another solution but it looks like this is the best method.
  9. I need to animate a color change on a complicated object. It needs to go from blue to red, from the top to the bottom. I tried key framing a gradient, but because it's a complicated object, it doesn't work well. I also tried to put two textures on the object and animating the position of the top one. It works well, but I need a gradient between the colours, not a straight line. Any idea? Color change in circuit2.c4d
  10. Just found the solution. I need to select "Evaluate Transparency" in the AO settings.
  11. I've rendered a cube invisible using the alpha channel. The problem is, this prevents the AO from reaching the object inside the cube, so the object renders dark. The Visibility tag also does the same. Any way to prevent this?
  12. CBR, I keep on looking but, while you're there, any idea how to do this? This should be pretty simple for a guy like you!
  13. I don't know if this question was asked and answered before. Did not find anything after thorough search. p.s. I always search before posting anything. I ost only as a last resort. Have you seen a similar question posted?
  14. Thanks Dane but this is the exact same file. It seems you haven't made any changes. Am I wrong?
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