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  1. I'm just tinkering but I'm not sure why the sweep I'm using in my tracer would be misaligned after making a 180 degree revolution. It's a simple scene with everything centered. Tracer_Sweep_Ex.c4d
  2. Great thanks for this info, that's what I was looking for. I'll look into ProjectionMan since I am constantly alt+tabbing between PS and C4D.
  3. I'm coming from Maya and in usually in the UV edit window I go to Image>Save UV Snapshot, which just saves an image of the UVs (after specifying the format and where to save it). Is there anything similar in C4D?
  4. I've attached a screenshot of what I'm after. Is there a way with the shadow catcher, or other method, to catch the AO Pass? I'm bringing my renders into another program for comping and if they already had some grounding AO that would be helpful.
  5. Yeah, most of it was done in AE though which is good for me, I may still have those files. Please let me know if you can think of it. I've come across a lot of tutorials while searching this technique and figured there must be a god like plug in out there somewhere for this exact purpose.
  6. If it's coming in black the normals might have gotten flipped. Did the UVs come in correctly and are there any selection tags on your geo? Did any new materials come in in to your material window when you imported the obj?
  7. This works. Took me a second to wrap my head around what you did but I see why it needs to traced straight first then deformed with the Spline Wrap you added. It's fine if the start doesn't close up since the camera will be so far past that point it will be way out of frame. I'm basically breaking apart this intro. It's old, client wants it on alpha and of course project files are nowhere to be found Thanks!
  8. I've attached my project file and I'm trying to get the wire in my scene to snap into place and straighten out as it's being constructed. I'm somewhat new to C4D but my idea of PLA on the spline path is kind of working but doesn't really update the tracer paths that have already been..traced. Is this the best way to achieve this? Thanks for any tips. Tracer_Wire_Test.c4d
  9. If I have a bend deformer animating something in my scene it renders fine on one machine but as soon as I start using team render it seems like each machine is evaluating the deformer differently causing inconsistency and glitching when I watch the image sequence back. MoText does this too but that’s an easy fix by just pressing C but I can’t find a straightforward solution to baking or caching deformers without using character cache tags etc. Any ideas?
  10. At one point I had this working but for the life of me can't seem to press the right combination of view options to get it back. I want to be able to select a top level null, which has who knows what going on inside, and be able shift select all the keyframes on the timeline and slide them around. Currently only the keyframes of the selected object appear in the timeline right below the viewport (screenshot attached). Any help would be appreciated.
  11. @Igor Sure, do you know the best way to submit a ticket? It seems like it's been an issue for a while, looking at this thread and google is showing similar issues as far back as 2011. I was going to try Cactus Dan's fbx import/export tool but I can't find a download page that isn't redirected to spam, you wouldn't know where I could find it would you?
  12. I'm doing some tests for an upcoming project and it seems when I export a .fbx from Maya of my model it comes into C4D with all the pivot points reset to (0,0,0). I can bring the same .fbx back into Maya and it is correct, so is there an import setting in C4D I am missing somewhere? Test .fbx file: https://mega.nz/#!bcMCVChJ!Z_AYqzgd5Iw4GfRRD2ZtQnryMXSHrqvrSjOI04XeTvg
  13. I was able to point cache the Jiggle using a Correction (quick tip video) deformer and moving the vibrate tags down to the same null in the stack did the trick. Thanks!
  14. I was following a simple tutorial but when placing my flapping wings into a Cloner they no longer deformed according to the Jiggle deformer and Vibrate tag. Am I missing something or is this not the correct order of operations? Thanks. Scene File (194KB)
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