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  1. At one point I had this working but for the life of me can't seem to press the right combination of view options to get it back. I want to be able to select a top level null, which has who knows what going on inside, and be able shift select all the keyframes on the timeline and slide them around. Currently only the keyframes of the selected object appear in the timeline right below the viewport (screenshot attached). Any help would be appreciated.
  2. @Igor Sure, do you know the best way to submit a ticket? It seems like it's been an issue for a while, looking at this thread and google is showing similar issues as far back as 2011. I was going to try Cactus Dan's fbx import/export tool but I can't find a download page that isn't redirected to spam, you wouldn't know where I could find it would you?
  3. I'm doing some tests for an upcoming project and it seems when I export a .fbx from Maya of my model it comes into C4D with all the pivot points reset to (0,0,0). I can bring the same .fbx back into Maya and it is correct, so is there an import setting in C4D I am missing somewhere? Test .fbx file: https://mega.nz/#!bcMCVChJ!Z_AYqzgd5Iw4GfRRD2ZtQnryMXSHrqvrSjOI04XeTvg
  4. I was able to point cache the Jiggle using a Correction (quick tip video) deformer and moving the vibrate tags down to the same null in the stack did the trick. Thanks!
  5. I was following a simple tutorial but when placing my flapping wings into a Cloner they no longer deformed according to the Jiggle deformer and Vibrate tag. Am I missing something or is this not the correct order of operations? Thanks. Scene File (194KB)
  6. That was it. Thank you for the help! I know I need to update but I have several render clients that are all on the same version so I will update when I have the time to update all the computers.
  7. Here is the scene file: https://mega.nz/#!rRF1TADC!OdobHV-6sM-UyCSa8_FZeLuIVn--Pb7d9bleU3TjOHI And yes my profile is correct.
  8. While navigating around my scene in the viewport i'm getting this clipping effect, see attachment. The objects aren't right up against each other and are several units apart, like the road for example. From some angles it looks fine but kind of jumps/glitches while I'm moving my camera around. Renders fine. Any ideas or settings I could look into?
  9. Thanks! I was able to set up the XPresso map you have in your screenshot and got some interesting results. I got the best result by using the 'Point Cahce' tag once my bend deformer was how I wanted then I dropped in a 'Jiggle' deformer which gave it some nice settling animation.
  10. Hello. I have cube with a bend deformer as a child, how would I add some secondary motion to the bend deformer? I've tried stacking a jiggle deformer too but that doesn't seem to be working. I'm a new C4D user but coming from AE and using Element3D quite a bit I can apply a decay expression to pretty much any keyable attribute. Is there something similar in C4D? I would like to avoid manually keyframing decay/overshoot/bounce every time. Maybe XPresso is the solution but I'm not too sure. Thanks for any help.
  11. Hello, Is there a way to sort materials in the material window alphabetically? Mine seem to be sorted randomly which makes things hard to find. Is there a way to automatically display the curve of the selected attributes in the graph editor instead of right clicking on an attribute>animation>show f-curve every time?
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