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  1. I could do with help with this issue too hvoje. Have messaged via email before, but didn't get a reply. pm me
  2. I've been having some issues with models i've been collating from my 3ds max library. i've been importing the models from my max files and sorting out the materials to work with c4d. My aim is to then have these saved in the content browser, so i can drag in when needed. Unfortunately i've been getting an issue, where when i have finished with a model and drag it to the content browser the maps change to what looks like a vertex colour map. when i drag the model back in it just renders without maps (black), even though the textures are still linked to the model. Has anyone come across this problem before?
  3. @DasFrodo Top man, exactly what i was looking for! Thanks for sharing the info, for me and everyone. All the best
  4. It seems pretty good in c4d, if the parameters are exposed in substance they can be controlled in c4d. Just the bug bear of it only going up to 2k resolution. If i find anything about upping it i'll let people know. If anyone has the answer, let me know :)
  5. Hi Vertex Helix, I saw that the other week, the viewport looks so much better for textures than max (Sorry old friend)! This question is with regards to an SBSAR file from Substance designer. As it's a procedural program, you can increase the resolution you wish for up to 32k in substance designer. But when you publish an SBSAR to be used in c4d, you can only seem to go up to a max of 2048 (as shown above). A work around could be to save out the maps and plug them back up but this would be a little time consuming, if the plugin can already do it.
  6. Hey there, I've been using c4d for a couple of weeks now, transitioning from 3ds max. Now i've got to grips with it i've noticed that the workflow from Substance Designer to c4d is JUST LOVELY. I am just wondering though, can the resolution go higher than 2048x2048 in c4d. 4k would be nice for my uses, i know substance can go up to a whopping 32k as it's procedural. 2048 is nice enough, but for closeups 4k would be nice for my images.
  7. I do Arch viz, so the modelling aspect isnt too hard, if needs be i'll model in max and merge in. but for furniture etc, no problem with c4d. I guess more complex models may be a pain. I'll see how the guys in the new studio use it. Good to get a head start though, cheers for your tips (y) myatt
  8. @Cerbera Thank you for your quick response, that works great and does what i need (y). I'll be honest, as soon as i touched c4d i felt at home, i'll be sticking with it now. Your UI is way more intuitive and it is a great experience modelling in the program. myatt
  9. I'm making the switch from Max to C4D for a position i've taken, i've been spending the last couple weeks looking for similar features that i use regularly in max so that i can transition as smooth as possible to C4D. I used to use a "normal align" feature in max, which aligned a chosen polygon to another chosen polygon, thus moving one object to the and aligning it so the normals are parallel to each other. It was a one button move. I've tried the transfer tool, but it seems to move an object via the axis and not a chosen face normal. Any ideas how this can be done in c4d? I've attached a quick clip of it in the link below: https://vimeo.com/335415628



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