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  1. Again Cairyn thanks, exactly what i was looking for! Gonna have to take a look at your patreon now
  2. I believe arch viz will switch to unreal, when unreal engine 5 comes out you will see alot more switching. However i do believe their may be a shift within the archviz industry for artists to work for architect practices directly. Due to unreals quick turn around for visuals/ animations and walkthroughs and the implementation of Lumin and Nanite, it will likely be used as a tool inhouse to help architects visualise there plans, more quickly and iterate alot more. I'm not sure how this holds for viz studios, but as long as your on the ball with it, it will be an easy transition. People are talking about lightmapping which is what you do now in unreal engine 4, but this will change completely come unreal 5. I think the process is going to be alot more streamlined for both games and arch viz. another thing RTX cards will be superseeded by the 3080 giving over 2 times the power it currently has to run realtime. I think we will transition to doing the high quality we are used to inside unreal very soon. On the other hand, Stills / photomontages / VVI's will always be needed i can't see them going away, but i think we all need to take ue5 seriously when it comes out. Epic does have a good grasp of what we need now and will implement it as they want our business
  3. Any way of shortcutting these for a quick hide unhide on objects. I find it fiddly to click them
  4. Both scripts work for the first solution of 1. Select Children of a Null 2. 'Deselect' the Parent Null of said children 3. Connect and delete the children. but the second one was to do it over multiple nulls but doesnt work for me it just does what the first script by cairyn does, it seems. @Michael Goldshteyn
  5. It doesn't seem to work for me unfortunately! I wonder if there is something missing? This seems to work well with the one null, it collapses and keeps the null :), but with more than one it doesn't collapse.
  6. Cheers Kalugin, another fantastic way of doing the single null. I was wondering also if it could be done over multiple nulls. Select all nulls and it connects and deletes what's inside them but leaves the nulls intact. That would be so handy handling some data i get.
  7. This is great exactly what i was wanting. Do you think it is possible to do it over multiple nulls, again, ignoring the nulls but connecting and deleting what is inside the nulls. Thanks for doing that one, great help
  8. You sir, are a genius. Thank you Cairyn (y) Kudos
  9. I need a quick script to 1. Select Children of a Null 2. 'Deselect' the Parent Null of said children 3. Connect and delete the children. I've attached a video, of what i mean. I have no real knowledge of scripting. Can use the script log for most things, but it doesnt recognise Step 2, Deselecting the Parent null of said children. Any help would be greatful (Y)
  10. If your placing them manually, you could maybe try using project, to project those manually placed splines to the surface, then use your sweep method. Similar to this, obviously just a different application. i think theres a way to use brush tool to project it to a surface also, so you can kind of paint it on.
  11. Yeah i've been doing mikes suggestion, but before i've created a cloner, i would inset the polys, create a selection tag for the cloner to use. However, i've just created it after distributing on a surface then insetting the poly's afterwards and it gives a nice live feed, so i can position the cloner objects to wear is suited. Works great, so thanks guys. So i can just bring it in till im happy with the extremities of the objects.
  12. I'm looking for some advice on setting up surface scatters. I work in the Archviz industry and came from a 3ds max background. We used to use iToo plugins for all things surface scattering. I'm looking for a solution for edge control with cloners. Say for example i have Objects scattered across a ground plane, when it comes to the edge, objects will intersect over an edge (as shown in the image). When i used iToo forestpack, i had the ability to 'clip' at a boundaries edge (as shown in the link). This in turn restricts elements from intersecting an edge https://www.itoosoft.com/tutorials/edge-mode Any Guidance on how to replicate this with cloner generators would be a great help. Thanks in advance!
  13. Has anyone found a way to save corona layered materials in the content browser, without losing it's connections. Say for example i have a Leaf material, with a Front and back side in a layered material. Once save to content browser and brought back in to C4d R21, it still brings in the materials but not in the layered Material.
  14. Spot on. Thanks for clearing that up, yeah like r13 files dont load in r21, shouldn't be too hard to upgrade a library when it comes to it. Probably a good reminder to clear out the rubbish in a content library that you don't use, once it stops working. Thanks again
  15. Dont you just wait a little and get an update to r22 later in the year? S22 is their subscription line but from what I've read r22 is released later in the year for perpetual license holders. Correct me if I'm wrong
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