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  1. Alright Cosmic Twin ;-) I agree, great tutorial, but I would have been soooooooooo stuck without Cerbera's help. Can you tell me what you spotted as I'm pretty sure all my settings were the same as the instructors, and there was no way this feature was going to work for me, in my version of C4D, without Cerbera's workaround? Thanks
  2. Ahh, I really appreciate you looking into this and for the work around. Amazing. Amazing. You've made my day, I can get on learning now but the upshot is that I feel as though I at least know the symmetry tool pretty well now after focussing heavily on it trying to fix this issue. Thanks again, especially for the work around. And your time. ;-)
  3. I had problems uploading the images but have now attached them to the previous post. Attached to this post is the .c4d file. Much appreciated Handle.c4d
  4. Hi CBR Thanks for taking the time to respond and for commenting on my avatar – the first lesson I've learned is that I've entered the land of four sides. Thanks for your advice. Attached are three pictures, as I might be missing something because I can't work this situation out. The first picture shows that I've checked that all the centre points are at word zero on the z-axis. The second picture shows that once I perform the 'extrude selected' I get a bunch of troublesome points which are all off the z-axis, so if I delete the unwanted polygon created along the centre line, I'm left with the two surfaces protruding through each other. In the third picture, I've manually moved the protruding points back to world zero, but I have messy geometry and also the surface doesn't look smooth as it should. I've also tried a tolerance of 0.1 cm, 1 cm and 10 cm and they all act the same. I like very much to get to the bottom of something if I can, but I am struggling with this and will continue through the rest of the tutorial today. Appreciate your time and any pointers you might have. Thank you Grabs.zip
  5. Hi C4D Cafe I'm new to the Cafe, and C4D and currently working through modelling tutorials. I'm using demo version R20 and have found an anomaly when trying to 'extrude selected' polygons along a symmetry edge. I have both the 'clamp polygons on axis' and 'delete polygons on axis' boxes ticked, but I keep generating a dividing polygon along the symmetry edge. I can delete the unwanted polygon when using right angles, but it's causing me an issue when the symmetry line is on a curved edge. Attached is a screenshot where I have selected the edge of the unwanted polygon. Any help would be much appreciated, I've given today to trying to find a solution but have come up short. Thank you



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