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  1. Thank you, I appreciate it Igor. But I know I'm on my own; I am just voicing my journey to help let go of some of this frustration. Only MAXON, Nvidia or the people I bought my machine from can help me. But, from weeks of experimentation, the only constant is R23. I'm going to try and run S22 for a more extended period than before and see if I can make it crash the programme whilst I'm doing some simple modelling.
  2. This morning, at different times, I have removed each graphic card, working only off one card at a time. All that my machine has installed is R23, Windows 10, and Nvidia drivers. No Wacom, nothing else at all. Using only the mouse (which I am now good at), R23 has consistently crashed off each graphics card when being used individually. And also when used together.
  3. I've just crashed again with my monitor plugged into the second graphics card. I am going to disconnect one card at a time and see what happens.
  4. OK. I can help. I have been through everything. in short: R23 crash, crash, crash. I could run R21 and S22 on my machine without crashing. I ran graphics cards diagnostics and no problems came up. The solution for me was to plug my monitor into my second graphics card and the problem stopped. Now I'm looking to get the card replaced.
  5. I've deleted my Wacom drivers. And crashed withing about 20 minutes of using a mouse.
  6. I use a tablet for everything in Cinema. I don't like the mouse. But I am in the process of deleting the Wacom Driver and my C4D preferences. I can't work the mouse so it is back to square one. If it is the Wacom, I'm going to try S22, for me the Wacom is my link to Cinema.
  7. I'm filling out a Wacom form right now. Once my crashes start, they are so frequent.
  8. What I don't understand is that I've always used the Wacom and it has always been OK. The last Wacom update was a while ago, along time before my crashing started. I've got nowhere else to turn though. I've been getting help from Nvidia, deleted and reinstalled my drivers. Wacom next then.
  9. I've crashed again. I've been on other thing this afternoon. Sat down at Cinema and crashed in less that five minutes. I use a Wacom.
  10. MAXON just contacted me. Said someone else had been having the same problems and that deleting the Nvidia Experience Manager solved it for them. I've just deleted Experience Manager and worked for a whole 10 minutes without crashing! More than that, C4D feels back to its old self.
  11. Sorry to hear that. I've had one crash in the last 24 hours. It was everythy five minutes before so a massive improvment. Please do keep me updated.
  12. Hi Dave – I didn't see your post until now. I contacted MAXON and have pasted the solution they gave me in the posts above. Deleting the preferences has worked for me.
  13. It's still early days, but we have a possible fix. I contacted MAXON, who got straight back in touch being extremely helpful from the off. Even though I had wiped my machine and reinstalled Windows and R23 they recommended that I delete my R23 preferences. I followed the instructions below and so far, so good. I will update here later in the week, once I've had a more extended test period. Thank you, MAXON, you make the best programme. And the first time needing it, your support is fantastic too. You can delete your preferences by going to: Edit > Preferences in Cinema 4D When t
  14. OK. I'm pretty sure it is the Wacom, which is a large part of my C4D experience, and I expect the two to work together; they did until recently. Wacom haven't updated since 10 June, so it's not like they have changed something. Are you saying that these crashes have nothing to do with C4D? I can't be the only person trying to work in R23 with a Wacom, but at the same time, no other users are on here looking for help which they would be if they were experiencing the number of crashes that I am. What can I do? Reinstall my system again? I'll do anything to get back to where I was with Cinema and
  15. You mentioned Wacom straight off – do you know of a problem? I would find it challenging to work without it. I was working fine in the initial release of R23 until about a week and a half ago. Then I started a new a new project and the crashing started. Even when I go back and work on a project which was previously working fine.


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