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  1. Hi C4D Cafe I am using mograph text on a spline via the mograph spline effector. My aim, over time, is to reduce the 'end' value of the spline so that the text is shortened. But, for the text still on the spline to keep its original spacing - so not compress as the spline area shortens. Does anyone know a way to do this? Thank you HF
  2. So many thank yous! HF
  3. Hi C4D Cafe I'm trying to create a curved ramp. I've tried a Helix Spline but the path doesn't remain flat/level at the beginning and end. I'm looking to replicate a smooth path that could be walked up. Attached is a file conating the Helix Spline and also some geometry. If possible, I would prefer to deform the geometry but can not find a way to do this. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks HF Curved_Ramp.c4d
  4. That tutorial has annoyingly been taking up all my google searches trying to find a solution to fix this problem!
  5. Yes please. Could you also change the thread title to 'Skin, candy wrapping twist problem'. Or something more fitting if you have a better suggestion. Thank you
  6. Thanks Cerbera I've found out that in rigging terms and I would like to fix this with a rig if possible so that I can use my SDS mesh; the problem is called 'candy wrapping'. Should I start a new thread with a more fitting title in a different section? Are any rigging guys going to see this thread, let alone read down this far? Appreciate your help, sorry I wasn'y more exact from the start. Matt
  7. Hi Cerbera Thanks for your help - I really appreciate it. I'm looking for my final output to be an animation; press play on the (rough) attached and it will give you a better idea of what I am looking to achieve. Except I don't a) want the twist to collapse as it does after the first 90 degrees and b) flip back to be untwisted when turned 360 degrees. Your discoveries with the twist deformer, and increasing the size of the box are great to know. Only with the bend deformer, I have reincluded your version but set the twist to 180 degrees, and if you look the top of the twist closely, it no longer touches the bottom of the shape above it. The twist has to work for at least a 360-degree rotation. After further exploration, I'm pretty sure this is a rigging issue/solution. I found this information https://research.cs.wisc.edu/graphics/Gallery/SkinFromExamples/skin-from-examples.pdf which on page 3, figures 2 and 3 discusses the problem. I'm trying to add more joints but at the moment not having any luck. I will keep trying. Thank you Matt Help_File_Rigging_2.c4d
  8. Hi Cebera Thanks for the reply. Attached is my file. I am trying to rotate around joint 5 but the mesh collapses on it's self and I would like nice definition as shown in the 'example twist'. Really, I would like the twisting of the skin to happen over the joints from the centre point (joint 5) all the way to the two ends as the one main shape rotates the other. But I've spent two days trying to do that and got nowhere, so at the moment I'd be super happy just to be able to twist the short virticle between the two rotating shapes. Please let me know if you need any more info. Thank you Matt Help_File_Rigging.c4d
  9. Hi C4D Cafe I'm stuck. I have a long line which is square in circumference and bends off at different right angles. Between the right angles, I would like the line to change direction and for the mesh to twist (nicely) when doing so. I have been a) trying the twist deformer as shown and b) using bones and skin. Both options give a compressed twist as if the mesh is hollow when I would like a full-bodied twist, as shown in the two examples on the left of the attached picture. The examples on the left are successfully twisted rectangles, the problem I am having (as shown on the right) happen when trying to rotate between right angles. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks Matt
  10. Hi Rick As a new user, who just invested £3,700 in R20 Studio; Cineversity access is not my main concern. I've looked at it, it's a nice extra, but for me, it's a non-issue compared to the more significant conversation. To me, the MSA was a right to upgrade my software at a reduced price each year. I phoned MAXON this week who said if there is a perpetual upgrade path to R22 it will be more expensive than the subscription. In my opinion, what needs sorting is perpetual licences. Especially a commitment to the fact that perpetual licence holders should be able to continue upgrading their licences at the same price, or less than a subscription.
  11. This post was an error – I had replied to the wrong message when using my phone.
  12. This is the point exactly. I’ve just started using C4D and one month ago invested £3,700 including VAT in R20 and the MSA. At the time of purchase I understood that I was buying into the MSA which would a) let me own the software and b) allow me to upgrade at a price I could afford, for as long as I could afford to. Now, one month later, the game has changed and I feel MAXON miss-sold C4D to me meaning that I will have effectively paid over £3,000 to use C4D as a complete beginner (only following basic tutorials) for two months. When I heard about the subscription announcement, I went on line, read what I could and was amazed there was no commitment regarding perpetual licences. How can a company spend a year planning a change, come out with their big announcement, and not have made a clear decision regarding their long term customers and their perpetual licences? I felt cheated. MAXON: you just took my money under the pretence that I was buying into the MSA (an upgrade stream) and that my soft wear would be worth something. The move to subscription means that both these points are not true as the subscription requires no buy in and the fact it even exits, completely devalues the software I own. Anyway, my point is that for everyone who has already invested into C4D and the MSA upgrade stream, we should be allowed to continue upgrading at the same price as subscribers because: a) we have already paid thousands to buy into C4D, b) the subscription is a similar price to the MSA, and c) the MSA/upgrade option is what was sold to us at the time of purchase - which for me was four weeks ago. MAXON, if you don’t get it; perpetual licence holders have already invested in buying into your product, now please let us upgrade our perpetual licences yearly at the same price as the subscription. Otherwise, I feel at the time of my purchase, one month ago, C4D was miss-sold to me and as a consumer, I have a case to ask for my money back.
  13. Hi Deck Brilliant. Thanks for the help! Very much appreciated
  14. Hi C4D Cafe I'm trying to cut out custom made Illustrator text (available as a graphic only) from a rectangular plane, and then bend the plane into a cylinder. The plan is that the cylinder will roll along a road containing matching raised letters which will fit perfectly into the letter spaces removed from the cylinder. My first thought was to surface model the letters within a rectangle, and this might be my best option? But on my first try, the letters don't look as sharp as when I import the illustrator graphic and boolean it out of a plane. When doing the boolean, I have used 'extrude' on a 'spline', and then in the options, I've set the 'type' to Quadrangles and ticked the 'regular grid' which gives me a full mesh. Only, the mesh is messy around the edges and once bent into a cylinder the edges of the type look sloppy and an unwanted mesh covers the sides of the cylinder. My question is, is there a way to boolean the text from a plane which will look sharp when I bend and stretch it, or am I best off poly modelling the letters out of a rectangle? Any thoughts would be much appreciated. Thank you
  15. Alright Cosmic Twin ;-) I agree, great tutorial, but I would have been soooooooooo stuck without Cerbera's help. Can you tell me what you spotted as I'm pretty sure all my settings were the same as the instructors, and there was no way this feature was going to work for me, in my version of C4D, without Cerbera's workaround? Thanks
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