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  1. Oh wow, glad a legend like Cerbera is curious about this as well RE Standard Render: Very interesting. My 12 cores all peak at 60% despite running my system in high performance mode (no OC though). Could this be a setting that I'm missing, that's somehow preventing my CPU from reaching its full potentail? Found A LOT of threads online with people wondering the same thing....
  2. So maybe just in general: If it's set to CPU (which I suppose it is in my case) it should use a lot of CPU while going through the iterations? Like, do you see a constant CPU usage above 10%? To clarify: If I use standard renderer for the same scene, it uses ~60% CPU. Also not sure, why it's never higher than that as well, no matter the project. Do people get >90% CPU usage while rendering (in standard)? Is that even possible?
  3. Dear CBR, thanks for your insanely quick reply. Very much appreciated!! Sory for not clarifying initially, but I used unadjusted standard settings. Didn't tweak a single thing. Also, I didn't know about and didn't find the option to switch between CPU and GPU utilization... Sorry, super noob regarding prorenderer. As for GPU: This wasn't used at all in my tests. ~2% Felix
  4. Dear community, I'm using pro renderer for the first time and am quite puzzled. Is it normal, that the renderer is hardly using any resources? CPU at 8% while cycling through the iterations. CPU only spikes briefly to 80% when updating the scene. Setup: AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1920X GeForce 1080Ti 32GB RAM Thanks in advance Felix XXX


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