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  1. The project I was doing is a fully rigged woman model with weight completely done. What I tried to achieve is to make the inside mouth not receive light. The model is one editable polygon. I don't want to tear it apart into pieces to render it separately coz it would break the weight. So I was looking for a solution like maybe sign different polygons to different layer to render it separately (but that was a failure lol)
  2. I did a test on takes. Unfortunately, Same as Layers, hide polygons doesn't work on takes either. So far, I'm stuck here.@_@, T_T
  3. Thank you very much Imperial Archon. I was just hoping maybe there is a way to do it that I just didn't know. Do you know if it's possible to give meshes of an object to a layer or a take? like, sign some parts of an object to a layer A (take A), some parts of the object to layer B (take B) to render these parts out separately.
  4. Is it possible to exclude some meshes of an object from light, but the rest of the meshes of the object can still receive light? For example, I have a box, I only want the top of the box to receive light, the rest of the box is excluded from the light. (without separating surfaces into several objects!)
  5. I tried to delete Cinema 4D.prf file and it worked. Big help. Thank you very much.
  6. Emergency!!!! I've tried to add Xpressions set drive on some parameter, but somehow when I right click on my parameter the XPressions option is not there. Can someone help me please please? I use R20 btw.(edited)

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