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  1. I just found out this only happens when I turn on Global Illumination in render setting, but why is that?
  2. https://34.gigafile.nu/0805-c00d6d87666338bba5ee16cc0781a1be8 I compressed my file and uploaded it here. please click that yellow circled button to download. Thanks for your help.
  3. Thank you I tried to adjust alpha as you said, it worked. But why the ground's alpha is right but the wall's alpha is wrong? I did those the exact same way
  4. So it was right when I first project the pic on the ground but when I try to project the wall it turned out super bright somewhat. I tried just save in photoshop without changing anything back to cinema 4d its stilla big bright square, why is that ????
  5. How to make this Silent Hill wall pealing effect in C4D?
  6. I think you've probably trying to drag your material to the emitter . Instead of material you should drag the texture thumbnail from the material to emitter not the whole material. You can also open your material page and select your texture with the mouse tag next to your emitter>texture.
  7. @Havealot Thank you so much for your answer. It was really helpful, exactly what I need. Can you please recommend some Xpresso beginner tutorials? I've been looking up online but didn't really found any. Big thanks again.
  8. I have a expresso Question. Exp: I have a cube A with simple position and rotation animation. And I have a sphere B not animated but at far away from cube A. How could I use cube A's animation move to drive sphere B, so they can have the same move but not from two different location. Coz when I use expresso simple drive and driven, my sphere B just move to the exact same spot as Cube A is, which is not what I want. I want sphere be stay at where it is but move like cube A dose.
  9. I voted like a week ago. Winning Topic Is Announced FRIDAY (February 7th). But I didn't receive any tutorial.
  10. My animated texture doesn't move at all in the viewport. Does anyone know why that is? I'm using c4d R20. My texture is .mov on a simple plane. And yes the Animated in preview is on. Please help me
  11. The project I was doing is a fully rigged woman model with weight completely done. What I tried to achieve is to make the inside mouth not receive light. The model is one editable polygon. I don't want to tear it apart into pieces to render it separately coz it would break the weight. So I was looking for a solution like maybe sign different polygons to different layer to render it separately (but that was a failure lol)
  12. I did a test on takes. Unfortunately, Same as Layers, hide polygons doesn't work on takes either. So far, I'm stuck here.@_@, T_T
  13. Thank you very much Imperial Archon. I was just hoping maybe there is a way to do it that I just didn't know. Do you know if it's possible to give meshes of an object to a layer or a take? like, sign some parts of an object to a layer A (take A), some parts of the object to layer B (take B) to render these parts out separately.
  14. Is it possible to exclude some meshes of an object from light, but the rest of the meshes of the object can still receive light? For example, I have a box, I only want the top of the box to receive light, the rest of the box is excluded from the light. (without separating surfaces into several objects!)
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