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  1. Thanks! So there's no way uving this without re modeling it? Really starting from scratch no easy way of untriangulation or some kind of sorcery?! I guess the other available version is not helpful neither: I'm wondering how he made it look like this then:
  2. I'm trying to unwrap a part of an object which I've downloaded here: https://gumroad.com/l/IvpCQ (in Cinema 4D). I'm using the ngon version ... The top of the case to be precise. I'm planning to import it then to Substance Painter. I guess for the most parts the automatic function (Paint Setup Wizard) is good enough. But because the top will be seen very close I thought I had to Uv-unwrap this part by hand. But ... it's very time consuming and extremly fiddling to select all the polygons. The idea was to separate the top, front, back, left and right, unrwap it using a frontal projection, then Uv Terrace it together. Does this approach make sense? Is there a better way? Needs the model adjustments? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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