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  1. Im very new to the C4D world but Siggraph is taking place near my house -- I really dont have the budget for a more inclusive pass and was curious if any of y'all have been before, and if so if it's worth going with just the $50 Exhibits pass. It's so much cheaper than the other passes to the point where im curious if its so limited that it might not even be worth going with it at all. I dont know anything about the conference so very curious!
  2. oh thank you! I honestly didn't even consider usage rights in a professional standpoint. So i guess at the end of the day it all comes down to "Does it make sense for me to spend the time to make this or is it more beneficial for me to purchase it". Thank you!
  3. Thank you very much! I guess it being on a project-by-project basis makes the most sense! I guess I'll aim to learn as much a I can and buy when I need to!
  4. Hello! I've spent the last month or two deep diving into C4D & Redshift (absolutely loving it by the way!), and large parts of the many tutorials that I've watched include lots of information about the basics & essentials of modeling and material-making(?). In the time that I've spent learning, I've also discovered the wide range of models and materials available for download (some free and some paid) and am really curious on where I should draw the line. Should I strive to only use models and materials that I myself create, only resorting to downloading when I've hit a wall? Or is it completely fine and normal to build scenes using mostly models and materials that I've downloaded off the internet to save time. I understand the importance of knowing how to make models and materials well, but am very curious how to approach the matter from a professional level and at a personal level as I improve my skills later down the line. (For example is it weird to post artwork that I've made that's comprised mainly of models and materials that I myself did not make) Thank you!
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