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  1. Which version of Vue are you using? And when you edit the material of the imported object in Vue, is it the default grey material or is it a black material where it says on the corresponding channel tabs that it can't locate the texture maps?
  2. @Rectro @Raischub Sorry, I made a typo. The answer was meant to read "pre-R21-licenses". I specifically asked MAXON if I would be loosing the R21 perpetual license and they said "yes, the perpetual license will be removed and you will get a new R21 license as a subscription license, and yes, you would still be allowed to use any older perpetual license you own ( = everything up to R20)."
  3. First post in this forum, hello everyone! Been a silent reader for many years and I really appreciate all the great knowledge that's shared around here. I am also not satisfied with the way MAXON is treating existing MSA studio customers. So I sent a mail to MAXON Germany (@Raischub), asking them whether I'd loose the perpetual R21 license when I convert it to subscription, whether I'd then still be allowed to use my old pre-R20 licenses or not, how much I would have to pay with the 20% discount for two years of subscription including VAT and how the remaining months on my MSA were credited (e.g. if I switched to subscription in October, would that month still be credited?) Here are the (translated) answers that I received So for anyone else in Germany, I hope this information is helpful.
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