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  1. Hi Hrvoje! Thanks so much, I will try that way, hope it's gonna work! :) But, for anyone interested, it is because of the demo version. MAXON response: "due to technical reasons, the House Builder Presets is not a Part of the Cinema 4D Demo Version. It is only available in the full version."
  2. Hi Hrvoje and thanks for the welcome :). Yes, I have just reinstalled C4D and downloaded once again all the libraries but it is still not there :/. Any clue what else could it be?
  3. Hi, I have just downloaded C4D demo R20 and I can find the House Builder Tool. When I go to Content Browser, than I go to Presets -> Visualize but there is only 3D objects, Example Scenes, Materials and Presets. There is no Tools and Helpers. Is it places somewhere else or is it because it is demo version? Thanks!

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