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  1. I'm still on R19. Have you managed to come through to getting a similar effect? :D
  2. Hey y'all, I've been trying my best to replicate a tidbit from the following Title Sequence: Specifically from 0:03 - 0:07. My goal is to produce this with merely shaders on the luminance channel. I tried to fiddle as much as possible with the Gradient shader [Turbulance, Scale, Octaves... you name it...] and the Distorter shader, but to no avail. I can seem to get that procedural "pulling"/dispersion effect of the colours. The turbulance in the gradient tab affects at random, so it does not give the "Pull" dispersion effect to the colours. Is it possible for this to be done using just material shaders? I'm going mad!
  3. Spot on, Cerbera. Yes, I've been using GI. Just a quick tip that I've come across (don't know if its too obvious already), you would need to amp up the luminance brightness strength relative to the size of geometry to produce more accurate results.
  4. Hey C4D family, I have a question. Is there a way to mimic creating emissive materials (like in Octane) using the Physical Render? I know you can texture with luminance and bump up its strength, but it just isn't the same - or maybe I'm not doing something right. Is that the only way? Happy rendering!

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