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  1. S22 made me miss the golden days, when you owned the software CD and license key!! Software developers back then made money too. I still have my Alias Wavefront Maya 3 CDs .
  2. I'm just not happy that this update is only for subscription only! I wonder what are the technical obstacles that blocks these new features from being available to perpetual upgrade.
  3. So active MSA Perpetual holders (like myself) should ignore everything S22 and go hibernate. wait till MSA is over "later this year" and pay for the upgrade not cool! unless I got it wrong!
  4. Alright, So it worked for this specific project. you can see the result, I'm pretty satisfied for simple/single objects. But the solution I'm trying to figure out is yet to be found. as the setup I am working on now is more complex. I ended up using a baked cloner grid array in a Voronoi fracture object, and random effectors. Will keep looking.
  5. Thank you so much I will give it a try tonight.
  6. Good evening, I'm trying to randomize a parameter (in this case, the inner radius of a tube) across a cloner array. I can't figure how to affect the clones individually instead of the main object only. -Problem number two is the Random integer, keeps changing per frame, I want to freeze transformation for each instance. So I assume it will have something to do with the instance id. my mind can't figure out the link Did anybody tackle a similar problem? Thank you. clones data.c4d
  7. Thanks @bezo , for clarifying the .022 issue, and yeah I have the Adobe CC suite. It is so confusing, I updated again to .115, restarted, and the problem still exists. @Rectro thanks for trying the c4d file, could you try importing the FBX from the zip file into Rizom directly and see if the exists? This problem is affecting my 3D scan texture workflow, since I unwrap uv in Cinema, export FBX, and build texture in Metashap. If all my process happens to be in Cinema 4D, I don't notice this issue. Same (problematic) FBX, works just fins in Substance Painter
  8. So I am assuming it is either when exported to FBX or only on my computer. another funny thing is that it for some reason reverted my Cinema to the older .022 version, I checked Yesterday when Cerbera asked me and it was .115! I guess it my windows. anyway, I'm attaching another scene, with the exported FBX this time, and a video of how this looks. sorry for the watermark, but the windows built-in recording sucks! Another observation was it always happens to faces not facing the camera when projecting! I ran the updater and it showed no updates available ... I will restart and try to check what version this time will show, then maybe a clean re-install. New.zip notice yesterdays version :
  9. uv_issue.zip So I thought that this issue was related to me importing scan mesh in FBX from Agisoft Metashape. I decided to start clean all from within Cinema 4D. but yeah, it is happening with meshes created in Cinema too. Attached is a simple scene.uv_issue.zip 1- Created a platonic 2-made editable 3-deleted current UV tag 4-selected few edges for UV 5-Paint setup wizard for a new UV tag 6-Projection Flat 7-relaxed using ABF with cut selected edges
  10. Thank you Igor, I was just too lazy to start Cinema again yesterday .. I will send a scene file with full explanation of workflow soon.
  11. Yeah. I also have other funny issues, like snapping not working sometimes. it feels like a clean reinstall :S
  12. Hello wonderful members, Since upgrading to R21, I've been frustrated with black UV islands! After generating uv in Cinema, once applying the texture file, or generating textures in other apps, I end up with black? inverted? UV islands! Normals are aligned, no matter the projection I use (frontal/flat) as you can see in the Rizom window ^ I used the same workflow before in R20, never faced this issue. I have to unfold the darker islands in Rizom to fix it, it seems like it mirrors it, invert. IDK. is there an explanation to this so I can avoid it in the future? Thank you.
  13. So I finally had the time to sit and practice. I must admit. split command to start neighboring element is so handy I think I've got this. but if you see something wrong please let me know. Thanks.
  14. I saw it coming Cerbera. somehow I knew the only proper approach for a satisfying result is to poly model it I'm not in a rush, this is self challenge to practice modeling. so I will definitely go with a mix of points (A, and B). The reason behind Spline Patch idea was, I thought I can tackle the bottom details as a compound shape, subtract intersections with splines but wasn't happy with the result, I'm glad I didn't buy the plugin, I'm sure it is useful, but I'm not there yet. It's a new day here, I will start over, and will share the progress. Thank you big time
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