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  1. Omg! that gif is very close to what I imagined. I didn’t learn about mograph selection before, I’m giving this a try tonight. Thank you so much!
  2. Hello members, I'm trying to punch a whole in a brick wall, while the rest of the wall stays standing solid. I couldn't figure this out using dynamics ( I tried to on/off gravity, turn dynamics ON on collision, increase follow position) I have a feeling that Voronoi Fracture is the way to go, but I couldn't manage to get a relatively realistic brick arrangement, also the simulation took forever. Did anyone have to build something similar that could share thoughts on this? edit: I forgot to mention that I have this setup now as a mograph contraption, but it is far from any good Thanks folks
  3. Bummer. I will investigate the xpresso path. I've been playing around with basic stuff, and I think I have an idea Thank you JB
  4. Hello C4D wonder team, I was following a rigging tutorial, and started to play with animating the joints. tried to use plain effector as a deformer, but apparently it is not working. my question here is: is it possible to control joints rotation with effectors? I was looking forward for some formula and delay magic
  5. Cerbera, Thank you for the advice. and oh I love HB Modelling bundle, It helps in so many ways. I want to start playing with Project mesh command, and see if I can apply it to selected points Also, I think I need to practice point no. 2 , I usually start a new polygon from scratch for each element. I edited the post. uploaded the same model without SDS. Thanks again, have a nice weekend.
  6. Hi wonderful team, here is my second shoe modeling attempt Baby steps but I'm so happy with it. I wanted your critique and advice on practices when it comes to tucking parts together and make it look aligned, or close together. to avoid mesh parts coming off surfaces like in attached images. my plan is to keep using the magnet tool, along side modifying points, and maybe the grab brush. was wondering if there is a more precise way or better approach. I dislike what I'm doing now because, if I'm not too careful when pushing or pulling, I end up with overlapping polygons, some times welded points that kills edge loops I spent hours making it look nice. - Edit: removed SDS applied screenshots. uploaded without SDS/Cloth
  7. CBR, fantastic solution for the Symmetry. I love how it looks, even though there is ton of little things to fix. I did retopo it again to get all quads. I loved how the loops came out, helped with SDS edges to sharpen the embossed details. THANK YOU :) Matt
  8. Okay, so I ended up with this, I tried to pay more attention to the flow more than having always perfect quads, ended up with a couple of triangles. I know if I slow down a bit and plan it better I can get something cleaner. I have no clue how to manipulate the symmetry axis center, since I'm working on the coordinates of the scanned model because I will send it back to re-project the color map after I create a proper UV map. I might try the mirror script in HB bundle, before committing to the second half. back at it tomorrow. Thanks a lot everyone :) I really appreciate it .
  9. Thanks folks for the amazing insights, I'm definitely going to retopo it again with Cerbera's attached example in mind. I really never did model before, I maybe did circle+spline loft sort of thing before then give up, but now I love the challenge. I probably watch 3 hours of tutorials everyday after work, better use those grey cells before it's too late. Before reading your replies, I ventured with proximal shader as a displacement, but it is so unreliable and slow, plus the engravings aren't equal. I will probably have to research Edge Flow before attempting retopop it again. Oh and by the way I have purchased HB modeling bundle. Amazing! Will send WIP once I get back home and work on this baby again :) Thank you so much everyone! Matt
  10. Greetings fellow C4D Cafe Gurus, So I just scanned this one, and I've spent unhealthy amount of time watching tutorials to retopo the scan and create some clean-ish model. this is literally my second modeling attempt after the fork tutorial (probably every beginner did start with). I know I skipped a boatload of lessons and tools to learn and here I hit the wall of my ignorance and stubbornness. I can't figure out how to add the surface engravings to the mesh I retopo-ed, I tried spline>loft> then boole, but it won't give me a proper result. Thought of sculpting, but was wondering if I can make the sculpt brush follow the splines I projected on the surface to get a more precise detail! Or maybe Cloth > bulge but have the splines to block it to create the look without loosing actual shape? I don't know how to do this though, I just played with the cloth tag today. I would appreciate any guidance. thanks in advance.
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