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  1. Hi Deck, I finally got around to playing with this technique, and I do think it's a much simpler way of achieving a look I'm going for. I'm struggling to get it completely random looking but it's much faster and easier to animate. I might just layer a bunch of passes and this should get me close enough. Thanks very much for the help! Best, Mike
  2. Hi Dan, I'm amazed at your persistence with this, truly amazed! Thank you for sticking with it!!! What a strange thing that soft selection would have this impact. I was using it for some other aspect of the project I was working on and just didn't think to turn it off. It's especially strange as I was able to select individual points with no indication of a soft selection, found a bug.... You've given me such great input regarding posemorph, it's greatly appreciated. Many thanks!!!!! -Mike
  3. Hi Dan, I can't thank you enough for this info. I've been learning the hard way best practices, as they never are quite spelled out like you have done. I really like pose morph and you're explanation of theory/use is greatly appreciated. I'm coming to 3dsMax so I'm trying to use it like a similar modifier, The way you've explained the process has changed how I'm looking at the different modifiers, hopefully for the better. One additional question I have is when using the sculpt brushes to modify verts, sometimes the brush picked up verts in the background unintentionally and
  4. Hi Dan, Thanks for the fast reply. Could you explain what you mean by manually adding keys, or what was wrong? I was adjusting the morph at different keys or frames in the animation. My thinking that as this joint is rotating, it needs to deform at different rates in different points in the rotation. I might be using pose morph all wrong. Maybe I should have gone to the most extreme point in the pose and adjusted it there first, then control the % of the pose being used at any frame? The way I was creating the pose was by moving the points by hand (individually repositioning), and
  5. HI All, I added a posemorph to a rigged character, it's a flexing leg (right) and I wanted it to deform properly. I got it to work and then started animating some other objects. I noticed later on I wanted to add another pose to the posemorph tag. I added a new pose but none of the points move. Weird. I then tried to edit an existing pose, and I couldn't do that either. I select a point, try to move it and the XYZ indicator moves (not the point) but on release it goes back to the original position. Based on what I've read, it might be due to the rig I'm using, but I can't tell. Ma
  6. Thank you Deck, force/follow was a parameter I definitely did not look at. Seems to do what I was describing as well, many thanks! When you mention a noise parameter, are you talking about setting up something in xpresso? Is the noise applied to the random or to the particle being cloned (or other)? I'm going for a look of particles randomly floating around, but gently and slowly. I think I tried noise in the pass but the movement was more jerkey than fluid. Is there a way to make noise transitions smooth? This was done changing the scale parameter of object. Thanks for the he
  7. Hi All, I'm having some trouble with a current setup (see attached), where I'm trying to animate a cloner that has random particles. What I'm trying to do is have a cloud of random particles (everything in null 00) floating in the camera frame. The camera moves, and I'd like the cloud (null 00) to move with the camera. The motion of the camera is aligned to spline but when it moves the cloner/particles stay in place. I've tried the following: Aligning 00 to spline Parenting 00 to camera Keyframing 00 Aligning cloner to spline Parenting cloner to camera Keyframi
  8. Nice, I get it. This is one I will go back to, thanks for the help!
  9. For anyone interested I found an old topic after re-searching archives using different search words, hoping this has some options and something will work.
  10. Hi Z, Thanks for the suggestion! I need the new pose more as a starting point for posing/animating so that's why I want to reset everything. The mesh is at a point where too many points are deforming really badly and I want to bring it all back in and (re)start from zero. I also think I need to make global edits to the mesh and the size of the bones.
  11. Hi All, I have a mouse character that I got pre-rigged (base pose is four limbs on the ground looking forward), and it works well for 'normal' poses. Unfortunately, I'm trying to pose it in a kind of unorthodox position (supine, think lying on its stomach with arms and legs extended out in 'superman' position) and the rig isn't cooperating or is being pushed to hard, and the mesh isn't deforming well. The base pose is the mouse on all fours looking forward. I was thinking of starting with a different base position (superman pose, which is actually very much like a T-pose now that I t
  12. Thank you Deck!!! This is a huge help, I really appreciate the tips as well. I was struggling with particles in some way, I'm hoping this will be a better direction. Very much appreciated!!!
  13. Hi All, In my head I'm trying to animate around 50 objects (all identical) slowly floating within a defined volume (but volume would not be rendered), slowly rotating and not intersecting (but they don't need to be birthed and can appear all at once). So far I've done an approximation of this with a particle emitter (rigid bodies) , letting the particles float in/out of the frame. I haven't been very good at controlling this and some of the objects get jittery/glitchy, which is not good. Is there another way to do this? I don't know if I should be using thinking particles or maybe m
  14. Thank you Cerbera! I thought I was doing something wrong, the clarification is much appreciated!
  15. Thanks again for staying with this. Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but when I uncheck enable, and move, everything is ok. Then when I re-enable the cloth modifier, the flag goes back to it's original position. Might be something to do with R19. Thanks for the help.
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