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  1. Hey Hrvoje, Thanks for the response man. Honestly I hadn't had a lot of experience with the inheritance effector and your post made me dive back into it. I found the Morph Motion Object check box which allowed me to achieve what I needed! Thanks again VidWallExample.c4d
  2. Hey all, In my scene I have a camera on an align to spline. I also have a null with a external compositing tag on it. When I import to AE the external compositing tag places the null in a different position than it should be....its almost like it is attached to the cameras position and moves with it instead of sitting still in 3D space. If I take off the align to spline and animate the camera by hand everything works fine and the external compositing tag sits where it should. I need to have this camera on a spline for my scene to work. Any advice here would be great, I have been banging my head all morning with this thing. External Compositing Tag Issue.mp4
  3. Hey all, I hope this has a pretty simple solution. The animation starts with cubes flying in using a fracture and a plain effector. I want it to sit there for a beat and then morph into the second groups arrangement. I was hoping to do this with some kind of effector. I was working a little with the inheritance effector but I couldn't get the objects to hit exactly where they need to be. The trick is both arrangements have to be very specific. Below is a very basic scene of what I need to happen. I need the left group to morph into the right groups arrangement. I may just animate it by hand but in the actual scene there are a lot more cubes. Thanks!
  4. Hey all, I am trying to render out a scene with a simple AOV. I am using a OpenEXR Multi-Pass Image. When I render it out locally everything works fine but when I try to render through Pixel Plow I get nothing inside my .exr file. Does anyone happen to know why that may be?
  5. thanks for the welcome :) I am basically trying to achieve just that but with a actual material on the matrix, a dark blue with a nice SSS and then the shader effector would have a light blue with the same SSS and as the effector would roll over the material would change to the light blue. does that make sense? lol
  6. Does anyone happen to know if you are able to mix color remapping on a simple plain effector with an actual material? Everything I try the material overrides any color remapping.
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