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  1. Considering the theme of contrast I would not really go for that suggested realism with dirty parts, broken edges etc, I think it would be more interesting to do it like you planned, have the house be overly straight and overly clean for the first part to have the ruined effect even stronger in the second. Especially with rendered images I would put the artistic idea first and don't do the realism thing, because 90% of rendered images that strive for realism look kind of similar in the end and don't add to a narrative necessarily. But I would definitely encourage you to just slightly beve
  2. Thanks! I also just found the Cineversity tutorial where everything is explained in detail, I hadn't found that resource before And yes I was using model mode instead of object mode
  3. Hi, I am trying to build a character using the toon rig, but I have encountered a simple problem that I can't really find a way to solve. The eyes of the toon rig that are automatically created are just wayyy to big for my character's eye sockets and I couldn't find a way to make them smaller to see how they fit into the sockets and how I have to align the alignment points. Even when setting the character template's manager display to show the full hierarchy, it is not possible to scale down the eye geometry. Am I missing something?
  4. Wow thank you so much, that was very in-depth and complete! I see, I just noted that awesome local>world IK Switch in the toon rig - I guess I will definitely pick the toon one then, no more fiddling around with constraints for that Just one thing that irritates me, the toon rig comes with a pair of eye geo - am I supposed to use the replace function on them to put in my own set of eyes? Or is it possible to just have a finished character and have the character's eyes be recognised by the rig template?
  5. Hi, when wanting to rig a character with the new templates in R23, how you would you go about making a character with a facerig? I'm not quite sure if it's better to use the Toon template (which has the face part included) or an advanced biped template with a facerig on top (which would in fact be two rigs on top of each other) My character is more realistic than toony, so I would naturally tend more towards the advanced biped, but I fear that it might complicate things when slapping the facerig on top of it. I think it would make more sense to also include the face option in
  6. You should probably best ask the Forester guy about this directly, he is great with his support I have noticed that when caching wind when the trees are displayed as points under a MultiCloner it can lead to weird changes in the leaves, e.g. making the trees much slimmer Also not having the original tree's PSR on the world center can lead to wrong placement when under a MultiCloner distributing onto a geometry Maybe this helps
  7. It's in the pop-up box where you set your settings for the alembic export. On the very top is a dropdown menu where you can choose between the two
  8. Great that it works now There should be a dropdown menu in your alembic export window that let's you choose between the Ogawa and a Legacy .abc version, as you are using R21. Maybe MD8 uses the older alembic system
  9. Hm strange, I had that version as well a while back and mine could read .abc normally.. I don't know if it's a Mac issue. Do you export from Cinema as an Ogawa Alembic?
  10. You can actually import alembics into MD if you just drag it into the window. It's weird that there is no direct import option, but the dragging always works, I exclusively work with alembics on between MD and Cinema. They are far more reliable for simulation than fbx
  11. Does it work if you export as an alembic file? What exactly do you export, everything in the scene or just a part of it (like do you use export selected or the whole scene export)?
  12. Hi, I guess you are using Mocap data? Where is it coming from ? What are your framerate settings for the mocap and the scene itself? Is the overall path of the animation closely followed but limbs going out of place is the problem? Or is the animation completely screwed up after export, like not even close to what is was before?
  13. Actually I meant exactly the oppositve, less reflection. In your render it looked very reflective, while the product itself has a larger area dispersing the light thus being more "rough" with less clear reflections


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