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  1. You should probably best ask the Forester guy about this directly, he is great with his support I have noticed that when caching wind when the trees are displayed as points under a MultiCloner it can lead to weird changes in the leaves, e.g. making the trees much slimmer Also not having the original tree's PSR on the world center can lead to wrong placement when under a MultiCloner distributing onto a geometry Maybe this helps
  2. Can this do cloth in a clothing/Marvelous designer way or only in the C4D-cloth/X-Particles cloth way? (Not for clothing but more for fabrics that are not on a body) It's hard to tell from the documentation
  3. wow that's a nice project somehow the bird looks really expensive and extremely cheap at the same time, but maybe that's because I used to own a China manufactured pre-knockoff version of this over a decade ago and it reminds me of this. Do you know what their goal is with these? Is it just to test out if it is possible to recreate the behaviour of flight mechanically or do they plan on using this for something specific?
  4. It's in the pop-up box where you set your settings for the alembic export. On the very top is a dropdown menu where you can choose between the two
  5. Great that it works now There should be a dropdown menu in your alembic export window that let's you choose between the Ogawa and a Legacy .abc version, as you are using R21. Maybe MD8 uses the older alembic system
  6. Hm strange, I had that version as well a while back and mine could read .abc normally.. I don't know if it's a Mac issue. Do you export from Cinema as an Ogawa Alembic?
  7. You can actually import alembics into MD if you just drag it into the window. It's weird that there is no direct import option, but the dragging always works, I exclusively work with alembics on between MD and Cinema. They are far more reliable for simulation than fbx
  8. Does it work if you export as an alembic file? What exactly do you export, everything in the scene or just a part of it (like do you use export selected or the whole scene export)?
  9. Hi, I guess you are using Mocap data? Where is it coming from ? What are your framerate settings for the mocap and the scene itself? Is the overall path of the animation closely followed but limbs going out of place is the problem? Or is the animation completely screwed up after export, like not even close to what is was before?
  10. Actually I meant exactly the oppositve, less reflection. In your render it looked very reflective, while the product itself has a larger area dispersing the light thus being more "rough" with less clear reflections
  11. That's an interesting question... I think it must be already in tune with the Neutron? I mean, MAXON wouldn't go through a complete rewrite again after this last rewrite was just finished right?
  12. It would definitely be very handy if you could just switch seamlessly between the object manager and the nodal setup at any time, so if you want to delve deeper into a certain part of your scene you could just change to the nodal view and switch back afterwards
  13. I think they said that the object manager would eventually be creating hidden nodes as well, so I guess the performance should be similar in the end using either system, but I'm not entirely sure if I understood that correctly
  14. I think Insydium will probably be very careful about keeping their leading C4D particle position, so I would highly doubt that they'd license anything to MAXON at the moment - Also I think there are enough areas that have to get done properly before rushing to extremely ambitious new grounds like a new particle system. ~cough~ constraints, motion system, animation layers, hair cache ~cough~ What I personally would be most excited about would be an animation layer system where layers are driven procedurally, e.g. by noise And of course a facial addition to the Mixamo mocap control rig/ advanced biped templates I feel that eventually Redshift will have to be bundled with C4D, how else would you compete with Autodesk's Arnold that ships with all their DCC apps, or Blender's Cycles. And i also feel that that is MAXON's intention
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