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  1. Hello for everyone! Who knows is it real to change thickness of nulls display and splines too (in viewport). Sometimes hard to work with thin splines and nulls... I cand understand which modules and commans i should use in my script. I want to write it by Python.
  2. Thanks a lot, i will analyse last variant its work nice!
  3. Yes,you are right but your variant has weak sides, Everfresh wrote about it. And i tried this way. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ouf1n9qoi1mgvv0/ScreenRecorderProject18.mkv?dl=0 But i saw one tutorial in Maya and it's real, maybe just in Maya
  4. Hello guys! Anybody could help me with shoulder rig ? is it real to make a setup of this hand without expresso just with IK? I spend a lot of time but result isn't good. Hand should rotate in places with red arrows. https://www.dropbox.com/s/cve8tynzhmnrmdq/ScreenRecorderProject17.mkv?dl=0
  5. Guys, i'm making a set up of terminator. And i'm doubt about vertebra. First variant of rig Make ik-spline from coxal to head. Cons: uncomfortable for animation Second variant of rig Make two ik-spline for lower back and second one for neck Cons: i cant subdue its neck ik-spline to its lower back ik-spline. Thats why when i move lower back control,the neck isn't moving correctly I tried to put the neck spline under the lower back spline, i did the same things with controls of ik-splines but it didn't help https://www.dropbox.com/s/1b4b2sbjo0m7syb/two ik.mp4?dl=0 2 IK https://www.dropbox.com/s/2aobtrhza27c3b1/one ik.mp4?dl=0 1 IK
  6. Thank you guys, i will try it! Hairs loads my system extremely) 30min for one shot
  7. Hello, for everyone! I can't understand why fur on my pokemon looks like a carpet) I cant get close to film result...I tried to increase amount of hair but it didn't gave good result. https://www.dropbox.com/s/p1swyogu1x8xj3p/Pika_chu_red_shift0000.mp4?dl=0 (animation) And anybody knows comfortable way to hair modelling maybe in another soft, or technique in c4d except brush and cut tool. p.s. on picture i increased amount of hair
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