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  1. Hello! Sorry for dissappearing My work week has gotten a bit hectic, so I havent had the time to check on this I will try to see if I get some free time this week, and work on this. Im quite intrigued with this rig myself!!
  2. Ah, Im sorry, i thought the hierarchy was inverted! Hmm... yeah, I think there is still a possibility in doing what you want from an IK rig, if you place other joints inside the IK controlling joints, so they can follow the movement and position, but you can still make their rotation fully controllable from the outside. Unfortunately, I have a delivery today, and cant stop any second But this weekend, I might have some time, and will give it a proper shot. I can actually see already a solution for your mechanical arm, I will try it again this weekend!
  3. yes, everything is up to date here, driver wise, etc. had another issue, that continues to happen which I had to do it, report and etc.. But will wait until I do a fresh install/no plugin soon, before I see what is happening.
  4. I thought I was alone with this. I didnt even report, because I thought it could be my own hardware, but yeah, it flickers a lot... I kinda got used to it at this point, on S22. I use a PC
  5. Im glad it is working out it is not the most "sophisticated" idea haha! But if it is for something simple like poses, it is quite helpful
  6. I also added a limit tag on the goal/hand, so the robot doesnt move sideways to weird directions, just forward and back, and up and down (respecting the hinges rotational limits) Hopefully this helps a little
  7. This is not optimal, but I think it might give you some options on how to achieve what you need. One thing I noted from your file, is that the hierchy on the object manager was reversed. The mounting plate was the very last and the robots "hand" was at the very top, and it should be the other way around if you want to use IK. The other thing you will note from my file is that I am using a joint structure and binding the mechanical parts to those joints, but not all of them. The ones that are going to be rotated, are placed inside the hierarchy of joints, but they are independent, they d
  8. The basic movement yes, like an actual arm, the mounting plate would be the chest, and the arm of the robot would move as intented. I will try to make a quick test now.
  9. Okay! I got the idea more or less, I will try to see if I can workout a nice rig for you today during a break ok? But you will need, for sure, some controllers along the way.
  10. I gotta say, as a subscriber of C4D, and also owner of a perpetual license of R18. Not having the upgrade informations available to all customers, and acessible online worldwide... as easy as it is to purchase a new subscription... feels like a intentional bottleneck, to filter out everyone else who isnt a subscriber. There has to be a way to integrate a new business model (subscription) without having to make perpetual users to feel like complete outcasts? Also, speaking from a subscription client perspective, I feel that we need a more transparent roadmap of the software, thin
  11. Wow, that is intense hehe. I opened the file trying to figure out what is supposed to happen, but it wasnt super clear. I can see that there is this rotational hinges in the middle and on the "hand" but are these the only moving parts? or will be the entire thing? can you do a quick sketch of what the movement should be?
  12. This is so cool man Looking forward to test this! Congrats with all this Everfresh As soon as I saw the racoon (I love raccoons! ) i was like "AHhh, i recognize that cutie!!"
  13. This is good to know! Thanks for the headsup! Im excited to play with the toon character rig too!! I think that will be implemented into my workflow. (even though it feels a bit like cheating ) PS: Do you have any tutorials on face rigs? All my facial rigs comes out as nightmare fuel! I've been trying to find a good facial rig tutorial for so long hehe.
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