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  1. Here are the top 5 things I really hope the newer version of C4D implements - An improved character animation module, better auto weights, etc... (I heard they will talk something about it on IBC! Fingers Crossed) - Realtime viewport preview when working with some of the sketch and toon modules, right now, these non-photorealistic projects relies on Interactive render region, which is quite slow and unrensponsive... - A better sketch and toon, something that allows us to control the overall scene shadows/gradients, etc, like you can already do inside the cel shader, but in a global
  2. For me personally, after the update in S22, I stopped using 3D Coat, which was my go to software for unwrapping UV's. It is so much easier to unwrap things in C4D, leaving 3D coat for only retopo whenever I need it.
  3. I mark this post as solved as I am not entirely sure if this is actually a bug.
  4. Hello Bezo! Thanks for replying! You are right! I tested several objects, and one was a cube, then a sweep object and the sphere, For some odd reason, the sweep and the cube started working after I changed some settings "roots as guides" for instance. The sphere one was the only one not working regardless, but when I changed from the settings "render perfect" it works nicely! Trying to figure out what makes it work for the other two. But thanks for pointing that out!
  5. I really wish they do consider that in the future, an indie version of C4D. Specially now with Maya Indie arriving worldwide to compete with Blender, MAXON needs to start thinking more of its indie users.
  6. Hello all Not sure if this is working as intended..but if I remember correctly, the hair used to be displayed correctly, within simulation, inside the interactive render region? After the update, regardless of what I do, the hair module is always displayed on its initial state inside the IRR, without simulation. Not even caching the simulation works.
  7. Thank you so much for fixing the copy/paste behaviour on the animation timeline!! It was driving me nuuuuts!! I think I saw it on the release notes, timeline copy command... but now that I tested, yeap, that was the fix
  8. I've been working on a file as well today, the entire day.. and I do incremental saves from time to time, which unfortunately didnt happen today... and I am getting the same error... Incorrect File Structure. I've had several crashes when trying to UV something specific, and now this.. What can be causing this? This is an absolutely major issue... PS: I will be submitting the file, but it was for a project that I needed to finish today... I cant believe this
  9. Not sure if someone is into games here, but I've been working on a fan art for Last of Us, Joel. Specially now that the second part will be released in a few weeks! I'm struggling a bit with the rigging, specially wrist area, etc.. but getting there. Did box modelling, and painted in substance painter. Im thinking of doing some details and fixing somethings in Zbrush, not sure yet. Rendering in Redshift.
  10. I think having a proper particle system would be just to offer option A, when we alredy have a well functioning option B (X-Particles) When things are already so well integrated to the software, I dont see the point honestly. A lot of things you either need a plugin or another software (Marvelous, Zbrush, etc) The thing that I feel C4D needs more love is with Character Animation, since we dont have any plugin that can re-work that, or it is not something that can be done outside of C4D and used inside the software (character rigs, etc..). But then again, I might be biased, just becaus
  11. Oh sorry, just saw it now! Yeah, it is what Cerbera said, this is a post-production thing.. there are several ways you could improve the integration between the character and your scene. The first thing that occurs to me is the shadow, separate the shadow passes... your scene, has shadows with more blue tint.. and your character has a pure black shadow. Your character is also underneath the tree, which is under the light. You can see some of the shadows on the ground from the leaves, but it is not on your character. That also breaks a bit of the realism. I think if you can fix
  12. I am still a bit confused to what you are asking... but is this the effect you want to achieve? PS: made this in C4D
  13. Do you have an example of the problem, and what you want to achieve? Not sure I understood
  14. I... am... speechless, at such awesome work! Big congrats JBatista! I gotta say, seeing how much talent is displayed within this forum, it kinda gives this extra injection of inspiration about C4D, and it proves that someone, that knows what they are doing, can really push the capabilities of the software really far! I love the idea of reverse engineering. I've done a very long time ago.. with Flabo, our good friend Flabo from C4D. And by some weird distraction, I havent downloaded the presets on C4D on this last version, and you are right, there are amazing rigs over there There
  15. This looks awesomeeeee!!
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