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  1. Oh sorry, just saw it now! Yeah, it is what Cerbera said, this is a post-production thing.. there are several ways you could improve the integration between the character and your scene. The first thing that occurs to me is the shadow, separate the shadow passes... your scene, has shadows with more blue tint.. and your character has a pure black shadow. Your character is also underneath the tree, which is under the light. You can see some of the shadows on the ground from the leaves, but it is not on your character. That also breaks a bit of the realism. I think if you can fix those things... change the colours of the character with some RGB curves in After Effects, add some grain, you will reach a nicer result.! Good luck!
  2. I am still a bit confused to what you are asking... but is this the effect you want to achieve? PS: made this in C4D
  3. Do you have an example of the problem, and what you want to achieve? Not sure I understood
  4. I... am... speechless, at such awesome work! Big congrats JBatista! I gotta say, seeing how much talent is displayed within this forum, it kinda gives this extra injection of inspiration about C4D, and it proves that someone, that knows what they are doing, can really push the capabilities of the software really far! I love the idea of reverse engineering. I've done a very long time ago.. with Flabo, our good friend Flabo from C4D. And by some weird distraction, I havent downloaded the presets on C4D on this last version, and you are right, there are amazing rigs over there There is even a t-rex!! Thanks for sharing this with me JBatista, I appreciate it! Obrigado
  5. This looks awesomeeeee!!
  6. Do you have a cool human rig tutorial reference JBatista? I can only imagine what a complex task must be to rig a bird! Do you have the result of your adventure if you can share?
  7. Thank you so much Dan! I will give a shot again at Cineversity, and hopefully I can finally improve as a character animator. And yes, this is a very very good resource from Posespace! I have bookmarked here and will probably purchase soon. I only recently started to film myself as a reference for some of the animations, to make sure I got it right some of the things... rookie mistake, I know. This is extremely necessary but we tend to forget, having a good reference before animating something complex. Thanks again Dan!
  8. Aaah Dan, only if I was as concisive and smart like you, for sure, would love to make some tutorials I am trying at this moment to translate some of the things from this blender tutorial into C4D, but it is quite tricky to a lot of moments... specially since the IK has a different way to set up, and the constraints (or copy rotation/location) from Blender has a different hierarchy too. I feel like that in these last versions of C4D, a lot of the focus were put into Mixamo integration, so i dont know what happened.. but not many great tutorials came after that.. but again, maybe it is an oversight of mine, or the things that were made available are already things I have learned long time ago. I will try to understand better this, Ithink you have a good point... it is all about the initial setup, and how the bone structure behaves once the shoulder rotates I will go take another good look at Cineversity and see what else I can gather from there. This! This is quite important for me, I feel like Im one of those students that skipped an entire class for a year, and when someone brings a topic, he has literally no idea what everyone is talking about. I only recently found out about these kinds of setup, and there are still a lot to learn about it. I think maybe it is the lazy/almost 40 man in me wanting to have a clear path, from A to Z, to make sure I go over every tiny detail on the rigging process, to make sure I finally improve as a character animator, but you are right Dan... I think I need to find some other resources from other 3D packages, and see how I can translate that into C4D environment. Thannk you so much for these advices Dan!
  9. Hello! I've worked with character animation for about 6 years now.. and I feel that i have a good understanding overall of character animation, constraints, xpresso, etc... But I still dont feel I bring my A game to this. Things that most of the time doesnt work with my rigs are shoulder movements, skinning, the wrist turning, how far the legs are bending when lower my character... and facial animation. I've desperately tried to find a very good and professional tutorial for character animation, free or paid tutorials, from start to finish, but without success. Not even cineversity has much info. A lot of the info is around mixamo and premade setups... There is this tutorial I bought, for Blender rigging, that goes really in-depth: https://gumroad.com/l/the-art-of-rigging-in-blender Isnt there something like this for C4D? Thanks in advance
  10. Octane is free because it is a very beta version of the render, and they warn several times that it is not for production, since its buggy as hell.. Redshift will come to Blender eventually (I saw them testing earlier last month) and for sure, it will make things a lot interesting! Not sure when will come out though! Hopefully soon.
  11. Man, your fanboysm and emotional attachment to a software has began to overshadow what a cool software Blender can be in the right hands. It is sad that not only you are not contribuiting to this topic - that would be, presenting facial rigs in C4D, or discussing it in a constructive manner - but you are also on this rampage against C4D artists (on a C4D forum for crying out loud...), trying to disprove at any cost that quality animation work can be done in C4D, or that Blender it is vastly superior in every aspect. I usually keep my cool and try to be as helpful as I can with people, not only on this forum but every other forum I am part of. But when i see an attitude like yours, diminishing people's work and effort, or asking them to prove... to you?.. what they can do with the software... just because it does not conform to your ideal way of work or the software of your choice, it is extremely sad, specially (and I repeat) on a C4D forum. Learn to accept that people can produce awesome results when they are comfortable to use their software of choice, and let their work speak for itself. Extremely awesome work has been produced by both Blender and C4D users, by insanely talented people who knows how to use each software extremely well within each software's limitations. And many softwares can be combined to produce amazing work, which is by far, the most important measure on how sucessfull certain process was...which makes this "one-man-war" of yours even more pointless.
  12. Oh, if you could share a bit of the process with the proxy hair! That would mean a lot I almost did it in a older project I did, using C4D and Zbrush, but i couldnt find any good sources to learn that from. So I ended up doing stylised hair / like the game Overwatch a little bit, which ended up working out in the end, specially for animation: PS: I am mesmerized by your awesome topology and how you built this from scratch I am looking forward to see the final result!!
  13. I loved the designs of your character, and looking forward to see the final animation!! About the render, yes, omg... they would do so much more justice to your whole scenario and characters, specially how light would spread (and hide) specific parts of this cool scenario you've built! The guinea pig with realistic hair in redshift or octane, would be cute!!! but I appreciate you are using whatever render you have and not pausing your production because of it! About the first post, you mentioned you were having trouble with the cloth dynamic. For some reason, I always try, as much as I can can, use dynamic bones in most situations, even if its a skirt, and involves several strips of dynamic bones around. There is this game I love, Persona 5, and the main character, Joker, has a very fancy cape. He goes all around the scenario, and has some very fast moves. I found a Joker model on sketchfab, and his rig is exactly like that, lots and lots of bones for the cape. You can sim clothes, if its for a cutscene or something, that is very calculated, but if I have a character, and I want to move it around during the entire shortfilm, I like to have as much control as possible of what happens to his clothes. Looking forward to see more!
  14. I think this is not very productive to this discussion man... I love all the input and experience you are bringing regarding Blender on the Blender topic. (I even bookmarked those videos you shared) But yeah, this discussion is more regarding C4D facial rig tutorials, etc.. and even though I know there arent, unfortunately, many good rigging tutorials for the software.. I dont think turning this into a software war will help anything.. If you see what guys like Everfresh, Orestis and others are producing with the software, you would know that these things are possible within C4D. Just, unfortunately, there isnt much information regarding these how to achieve these results around... not even paid tutorials. (I reached out Orestis for a specific tutorial on a procedural landscape just a few days ago, but unfortunately, couldnt find any other resource)
  15. Oh, I second that. I've been... for a very long time, trying to find some good facial rig tutorial. I do my own facial rigs...but when it comes to the mouth, I get lazy..
  16. This is really cool! Love that you start from the fingers Vector, I recently started doing the same, and it makes a looot of difference!
  17. I saw this, and I was really impressed! By I think this is only early test stage right? I also love the wax look !
  18. I wanted to know, how are you folks cooping with this weird times we are experiencing. And if you have any advices to share Over here, I am trying to adapt and learn everyday new routines. I used to be an evening person, being more productive from 18:00 and so on, and continue to work until 2:00 am... but after all this pandemic started, I found myself being completely unable to work for a few weeks, until I realised that starting to work on early morning, 6:00 am, was being super helpful. I became a morning person! And since I also struggle with depression and anxiety, I decided to limit how often I watch the news, usually 3 to 5 times a week, usually at noon, so i dont trigger any weird anxiety episode at night and have insomnia (which would only make things worse). Generally, I am feeling better now for the past 2 weeks! I am productive again, and I am back at producing personal artworks, and I was even able to rig a quadruped for the first time, from scratch So yeah, would love to know your work/daily routine and how you are managing to get work done, and still having fun meanwhile (well, within the limitations we are experiencing right now). Stay safe everyone!
  19. I think this is definitely a good take, and I can feel by your excitement that you are indeed enjoying it a lot The existence of Blender, by itself, is already a great thing for all of us. Having a complete free software, offering pro level solutions, that competes in a lot of things with paid softwares! I started with 3DS Max 15 years ago, and switched to C4D thanks to a friend, who helped me achieve the results I wanted, and explained to me a bit of Xpresso and etc. The speed C4D offered things and how amazing I could organize my scene, it was something I could have never imagined before. With all this worldwide unfortunate changes, we dont know how will it be for all of us. Maybe I wont be able to afford C4D's subscription anymore (I am already struggling with it...) and the idea that all my files will be locked and I wont have freedom to access them until I pay the again, it is really, really horrible. I understand that this is business, and as a company, they need to survive///but with all this crisis that we are about to experience, maybe it will be a forced change on how companies think, and see us, long time users. Blender doesnt offer me yet great reasons to switch. For me, animation is still a bad experience And no light linking, etc... the armature/pose switch, feels like a weird and unnecessary step in between.. but I love that there is at least an option, for all of us, in the worst case scenario... to continue to work and produce awesome results. A lot of us integrates different softwares to our workflows with C4D. (Zbrush, Painter, Marvelous Designer, etc) And Blender, for me, is already helping with some of the things, together with C4D (modelling for instance) So thanks for posting your videos and blender info/tips.
  20. Oh, I clearly dont know well marvelous designer then hehe But something tells me I should give a try? I saw they have a license for freelancer...
  21. Hey there, there is a bunch of questions! Not sure I can answer them all but I will do my best according to my personal experience. What's a good rule of thumb for when to model the clothing into the character and when to simulate cloth dynamics? This depends a lot on what are you going to use your character for. I avoid as much as I can cloth dynamics since you cant predict exactly where things are going to go, how it will bend, etc... requires so many tests and interations, and the result, can vary. For me personally, if it is not a long dress, that needs to 100% behave like a cloth around the legs, etc... I keep it as normal polygons, under the influence of the main rig. if there are specific folds or parts of the cloth that needs a bit of bouncing, like a cape, etc.. I solve it with extra bones and make their IK dynamic, so you can predict a lot better how it will behave. In the case of cloth dynamics, are any of you using Marvelous Designer? It's pretty expensive for me at the moment. Can Cinema 4D's Dress-O-Matic & Cloth Dynamics get similar results? I'm not experience with marveleous designer to be honest But it is one of the top industry choices for cloth designing for a reason. But I am a firmly believer, that even though the process might take longer, it can be done inside C4D too, with more experience, etc. If you want to create folds in a surface, like a piece of cloth shrinked together, it can be done smoothing modifier and magnet tool with some specific settings, given you have lots of polygons to work on the cloth surface. In the case of modeling the clothing into the character, how do you typically handle the body geometry? i.e. if the body is covered by clothing do you keep the underlying geometry and weight both the body & clothing or delete the covered geometry? If it will be used in animation, and you want to be free with any movement, for sure, hide the geometry that will be covered by the cloth, so you avoid the geometry underneath to pop out when you bend the elbow for example. If you use the hide polygons command in C4D, it will hide it on your viewport, but will still render it out. The trick I use is to create a transparent material, with zero refraction, and create polygon selections of the parts of the model you wish to hide... and apply these materials for those parts. Never delete geometry from a character since you want to have freedom to do whatever with it afterwards (maybe one day he/she decides to skinny diving one evening ) In the case of modeling the clothing into the character, How would you mimic the bunching of the fabric in the elbows and knees? Pose Morphs? Displacement maps? Pose morphs can for sure help to define how it will behave, once you bend the knee or elbos, etc... This wlll depend a lot on the effect you want to achieve. For a lot of things I do, I paint the folds and wrinkles on my clothes inside the texture painting software, and export a normal map from those, so I can still keep my low poly flexibility inside C4D, but when I render it out, it has nicer details. If you want physical changes, folds, etc.. you will need to increase the number of polygons, and use a trick I saw the other day, with the smoothing deformer and paint the folds, by pushing polygons using the magnet tool brush. I will try to find the tutorial and post it here (I only discovered this 2 weeks ago!) How do you typically handle ornamental geometry like buttons, patches, badges? So far I have tried Skin Deformers (copying the weights tags with VAMP), the Surface Deformer, and Constraints. I would like to hear others' approaches to this. This can vary a lot, and it depends on a series of factors: how big is the object you want to attach, how it will behave, etc. For me, generally, I always try to skin things together, so I dont have to worry about forgetting one thing, etc... if it is a patch that will go alongside of a shoulder, it needs to be under the same influence of the rig. You want it to fold it following the arm movement and the distance it has to the elbow, etc.. so the skin deformer is usually the best solution. If it is something that the character has on its hair, but it is sticking out.. or the chracter is holding, like a gun or a lollypop, the constraints is your best friend. Just make sure to place it properly on the hierarchy, and give it the right priority for calculations, so you dont get weird delays, when the character moves its hand, the gun will need to calculate some extra time... So yeah, in summary, when I rig my characters, I like to think I am working more like a game developer. I want to have control of thing things my character will do and where it will interact, so I can easily loop and pick appart animations. Dynamic bones for me all the way Hope that helped!
  22. This will change the industry drastically!! Now... let me get back here to my polygon reduction process... hehe
  23. I hear ya.. but you can simply click on the objects in the C4D viewport and automatically see its keyframes too. This is okay when you have a very pre-defined and big things to select, but when you have little eyebrown or several small elements, and you want to edit all its keyframes as fast as possible, you need to be able to select it just by name, like you can do it in C4D... it makes no sense why it has to be this complicated in Blender. Also when you want to add a loop to certain keyframes, you need to select individually on which item you want to add the modifier "cycle" for instance... axis X of foot controller. then Y axis of foot controller.. You cant just select a whole group of things and set "repeat forever/oscilate" and be done with it. There is awesome things on Blender, I actually like rigging on it more than C4D, and the auto weight, just WORKS! In C4D , it is always a gamble.. I try so many different auto-weight settings, and C4D never gets it right on the first time... Im now using mixamo to set bones and skins on my characters since C4D cant do it properly... And I think Blender has a very bright future ahead.. but yeah, animation, is not good A lot can be done by experienced users for sure, but after you use C4D, and see how straightfoward it is, it is difficult to adapt.
  24. I think that is the best approach to have Janine And I hope you only continue to learn even more about the software. For me, as an artist, I love to have options. I have 18 years of experience with C4D, so a lot of the experiments I wanna make, it becomes natural, I can think directly about the result I want, and the steps I make are almost instant, since I know the software very well. The pricing thing is becoming a nightmare unfortunately. I am a subscriber, but I think it is extremely unfair to people who has perpetual license, to keep them from using the latest version and updates the software has to offer... Some of the things from Blender keeps me from using it fully though, like I mentioned before, its dope sheet and graph editor, for me at least, is a nightmare. I love making loops, walk cycles and easy repetitions, and with C4D, one click and you can set up a whole chain of objects to repeat, which is impossible in Blender I love the competition though, I think it will push more and more the paid softwares to observe things that works really well in Blender, like Eevee and the character animation setup. For now, C4D will stay as my commercial software of choice.
  25. Yeah, I dont plan to replace C4D with anything. I am using blender mostly for some character animation, because I really love the auto-weight, and how it just works... But I dont feel that Blender, at least for me, is production ready. The realtime render is a LOT of fun, and characters and sculpting too, but yeah... not there yet
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