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  1. I'm trying to composite a Multi-Layered EXR from Redshift in After Effects, following the Redshift manual I keep getting the same error, the composition does not match the Beauty pass. What am I doing wrong? I attached the images for the Redshift manual and my meaningless test project. Thanks! Edit: added screenshot of my redshift aov settings.
  2. Thanks! Yesterday when opening C4D an error window popped up but I was not able to read it, probably my OpenGL someway turned OFF. I turned it ON and everything is back to normal.
  3. Any object in the scene briefly disappears when moving, rotating or zooming in the viewport. Screen recording of the problem: https://imgur.com/dVHzy5Q It does it even for new scenes, and restarting the PC didn't help. Did you guys get this problem before? It happens both if I use mouse or tablet.
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