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  1. Thank you both so very much for all of your time and effort into answering this for me! I will certainly check out the book you recommended and putting to practice the techniques I've learned from this tutorial you've created. You both are awesome!
  2. Wow amazing! I would have never guessed that. I REALLY appreciate the time and effort you've done to give me such awonderful tutorial Thank you SO much!!
  3. Also, I've upgraded my profile to state the current version of C4D that I am using if that makes a difference. R21 Now.
  4. Hi! Thank you so much for the extensive tutorial! I am working in Cinema 4D so I have been trying to follow along with the grid fill and do the 20 sided sphere but ran into trouble - now I know why lol. If you wouldn't mind, could you give me c4d instructions? I so so appreciate it!
  5. You would make my entire day if you did that! Thank you so very much!!!
  6. Hi Sorry, I upgraded to R21 and no I won't be animating this. How on earth did you do that!?
  7. I want to create a star exactly like this! I've tried extruding a spline but that doesn't give me the effect. Can anybody shed some light?
  8. Thanks for your reply! I am getting my textures from textures.com and all of the models are shown on a sphere shown in the picture attached. I just want to replicate that look on a sphere but mine come out distorted. I tried changing my sphere to the Hexahedron but to no avail :-/ It seems it is common for people to display textures on spheres when they are selling them - I just don't know how they do it! https://www.textures.com/browse/3d-scans/114548#wood
  9. Hello All! I just joined here so hopefully I am posting in the right spot. What I want to do is texture a Sphere like the photo attached. I've made my image ration 1:2 and selected Spherical mapping. I have also tried UV mapping and Cylindrical mapping but no matter what I do my texture still gets funky at the top. I am trying to make it look just like the attached photo. I've attached mine and the example I'm trying to achieve. I'm also using V-Ray. Anyone know what I am doing wrong? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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