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  1. Thanks Morten. This does indeed work and I can now render using ProRender. I wonder why Metal isn't working though? Does anyone know whether this is likely to be a Cinema 4D bug, or is it a Catalina / hardware issue?
  2. Just tried again. Left it running for 16 minutes and it remained stuck on 'updating 97%'. As pdumas said, the whole system locks up and you cannot force quit. You can feel heat coming from the keyboard, but no fans are spinning. I had to do a force restart. No crash reports generated, so this is very frustrating. Basically unusable. If it is a problem with MacOS, why am I only having this issue with Prorender?
  3. Hi srek, no crash report has come up on next start of Cinema 4d. Next time it happens I will send the report to Apple.
  4. Sorry should have said I am running R21.115 (Build RB297076). MacBook Pro specs - 2.3Ghz i9, 32GB Ram.
  5. Hi - I've been trying to test Prorender on the new MacBook Pro 16" with the AMD 5500M 8GB onboard. It has crashed the whole machine twice while updating scene. Never gets beyond updating - I left it running for 20 minutes yesterday and had to force quit as the machine was unresponsive. Today I used the 'compile shaders' option in preferences, which seemed to work, but when I tried a render it crashed the whole machine again after a few minutes 'updating'. So I guess Prorender is unusable on the new MacBook Pro for now? Is anyone else managing to get it to render?
  6. Hi I'm posting this because finding benchmarks for ProRender performance on a Mac with eGPU (Razer Core X + Radeon VII) is like finding hens teeth. Anyway, I took the plunge and added a Radeon VII to my 2017 iMac. Did some quick comparisons between the internal GPU (Radeon Pro 580) and the Radeon VII with the same 1920x1080 render. I thought the performance boost was amazing! Radeon Pro 580 (Metal) render time: 2:40 Radeon VII (Metal) render time: 1:15 Running both GPUs, the render time was 58 seconds. Hope this is helpful for others. Hopefully it will get even better when Mac OS Catalina is released.
  7. Hi Dan, I'm a nurse working in the charity sector and part of my role involves the production of educational materials for our intranet, so, my intended use is educational. The cost of medically accurate 3D anatomy is very high - Zygote charge many thousands of dollars to license their models. Other models I have seen don't look as comprehensive or medically accurate as this one - and they are also quite expensive. BodyParts3D is based on MRI scans - you can read about their process here: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anatomography I've uploaded the file to my Dropbox account with an Excel spreadsheet listing all the components. If anyone is interested in collaborating, I'll share the file, just send me a message letting me know how you could help. I'll re-share the model with contributors as it gets updated.
  8. Hello everyone, I'm very new to 3D, but I would like to see if anyone is interested in collaborating on creating an open source human anatomy model. I'd appreciate some advice on the best way to go about this. I have imported and labelled every OBJ file from the BodyParts3D v4 collection (available free online). It's taken me ages (days) as I've done it by hand (no scripts)! I've also added some bits that were missing from the BodyParts3D v4.3i data set. The c4d file contains 2304 labelled objects, and the zip file is 143.7mb. I'm happy to share it, if people are interested in contributing to the project. However, I don't want to run up massive bandwidth problems if lots of people want to download it. Any advice on where to upload it? Some info on the model as it currently stands: All the imported OBJ files consist of triangles - so need to be converted piece by piece into quads in order to work well with subdivision surfaces. Some anatomy is missing, but I've started to go blind, so would be great to have more eyes on it to see what else I need to look for on the BodyParts3D site. As I said, I'm really new to 3D, and haven't a clue about materials design, so it would be great if anyone is interested in creating some materials for the model - particularly interested in nodal / per shaders if you would like the challenge Anyway, if anyone can answer my question on where to serve the file from, that would be a start. Thank you! James PS the URL for the BodyParts3D site is http://lifesciencedb.jp/bp3d/
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