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  1. Hi The latest scene made in C4D and Corona Renderer. You can get it at www.vizforyou.com
  2. Hi I finished a new scene. Cinema 4D + Corona Renderer. www.vizforyou.com
  3. Hello I invite you to my website where you will find free 3d models, tutorials and interior and exterior scenes. Everything in Cinema 4D, Corona, Octane and Vray. www.vizforyou.com All models are made in Cinema 4D R17. They are optimized mesh - Nurbs and Subdivision Surface functions. Free Models:
  4. Hello My new tutorial. Materials creation, lighting and post-production in Cinema 4D and Corona Render. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sBbgIoej5sw&t=
  5. Hello How to create a copy of an instance in Python? I have a code that allows to create an object but written in COFFEE. I would like something similar but with copying the instance object.
  6. Thank you very much ! Now everything works perfectly
  7. Hello I need help with the Bounding Box in Python. I want to write a Xpresso file that swaps objects. The list is created on the instance file. An additional function that should have an Xpresso file is: moving the instance in the x, y, z axis by the scale value (Bounding Box) of the instance and next create this instance. The function works for an editable object but not for the instance. The problem is that Bounding Box in Xpresso does not work on instances. I know Phyton lets you do this with BaseObject.GetRad () but I have no idea how to do it. I have been stuck for long days ... Maybe you have some other idea for this file? Thank you. works.c4d instance.c4d
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