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  1. Hi Stage Five Ah - that's it I think!! You have to make it editable in order to move his limbs! Yes great - thanks. I used it to show how many people would be seen by CCTV cameras on trains! Loads of faceless mannequins was better than trying to make a group of real people! Cheers James
  2. Hi All Over the years I have used the wooden Mannequin that was somewhere in the Cinema presets - Now I can't find him anywhere! What release of Cinema did he come with? Is he hiding in R19 somewhere? Cheers James
  3. Hi All Using the spherical camera I can sucessfully produce an MP4 video, which I then inject with some instructional magic for the player using a small python 'app' off the net. The video can then be played as a 360 video using the latest VLC player or by uploading directly to YouTube. OK, so up till now a complete success! However, the video isn't really of a high enough resolution so I try increasing the resolution in the render settings and am then greeted by the message something like "Can't make the file" So is there an upper limit in some process that I am missing? The renderer does make up the first frame, I can watch that part, it's when it tries to save it. It's not my storage space - there is plenty left. I've tried slowly increasing the resolution (in steps of 16) and the upper limit isn't any familar number) Any idea of the limiting factor? Cheers James
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