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  1. Yeh that is messed up. While I could find a way around Adobe products for illustration (Affinity Designer etc), I am entirely reliant on After Effects for 80% of my work, so I'd be absolutely screwed if that were to occur here. Poor Venezuelans. It's crazy that they're not offered refunds either.
  2. I still haven't had a chance to try R21 yet, but if the auto weighting algorithm for character rigging is as improved as people are suggesting, then that's worth the price of admission for me on its own. Looking forward to playing with it in September.
  3. Ok cool, thanks. Good to know. I've been off the C4D wagon for the past 3-4 years or so, so wasn't sure how old licences work.
  4. Currently my plan is to use my MSA to upgrade to R21 (for the character tool updates) and sit on R21 for a few years, but that means my R20 licence no longer works right? Just a little worried that, with R21 being part of the new subscription model, it may be retired in 2-3 years. MAXON need to clarify whether retiring a version will kill just the subscription versions of the software or the perpetual versions too.
  5. Ah that's awesome. Thanks for the info @everfresh and @hikarubr
  6. @everfresh I'm pretty keen on any character workflow updates. I haven't had a chance to try out the demo, but what has changed about the weighting? Is it a new, more accurate auto weighting algorithm? The Mixamo rig sounds pretty helpful too.
  7. This sounds a little ominous: 'Please note, MAXON may retire releases which are 3 years old. Once retired, a release will no longer be available for download from the MAXON User Portal and will not be eligible for support.' Similar to the policy Adobe has taken, although that is 2 prior releases rather than 3. I really think that R21 or R22 will be the last perpetual licence before going subscription only. If they 'retire' a release that you've got a perpetual licence for, does that mean you can't obtain the installer for it anymore?
  8. I'm in the same boat. Just bought an upgrade/sidegrade on my Studio version from R17 to R20 at the end of June. My machine really needs an update so I wish I could've used that $5,000+ on a new machine and the sub model. Good times.
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