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  1. Thanks Nate! Hey Cerbera I know that, this actually is not going to anyone, but I just want to use that case as a reference. I've been only using the program for two weeks and am a big big big noob using it, even thought I'm actually a pro at pretty much in every adobe's program. I'm gonna try your way soon but it looked hard so gonna do it as a separate project soon, I don't know how to make those edges straighter in this project and I know they are bulky atm.
  2. Does these help, actually I'm stuck again with this project but not gonna give up.
  3. Actually one thing still haha! Why does this look like this, what I'm doing wrong with texture and colors? It looks soft end edgy and over all not real.
  4. Thanks guys for help! I'm still at it, even thought it is not the easiest way to start but hey gonna learn during the process! Big thanks to ya'll!
  5. Okey the second stupid question is how to do multiple holes in one object using boole, I can do one but the second one looks funny.
  6. Hey I'm really new user for c4d, I need to make ellipse kind of shape, like samsung earpuds 3 case kind of, but with rougher edges. I've tried the connect and delete and I've got them as one but the lines stay in the object, how can I delete the lines so it would be one shape only. I bet this is really stupid question but I'm stuck. I'll add some images to as reference. I want to do the case from the original photo. Is there any better way to do the ellipse kind of shape as the case is? Thanks for advance!
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