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  1. Oops, sorry, I was not aware that I had posted in modelling!
  2. Yes, I checked all of the tree axes! But I do have a random effector on the trees to (heading rotation)... Could the random effector be affecting the push apart effector along the y?
  3. Hi everyone! I'm working on a landscape flyover scene in which I have some trees in a multi-instance cloner (distribution set to 'surface', with the surface being a polygon selection of the landscape object). I am looking to get areas of dense forest, but I obviously don't want the trees to intersect, so I am using a push apart effector to position the trees. However the push apart effector is not workign as I had hoped. Apart from pushing apart the trees along x and z (along the landscape surface), it is also pushing them up and down along y, meaning that I have some trees up in the air and some pushed into the ground... I don't want to use the push apart mode 'along x' or 'along z', because this doesn't give the distribution of the trees that I am looking for. Any ideas what is the issue? Is it even possible to do what I am trying to do with the push apart effector? Thanks! Hayley
  4. Hi Dan! Thank you! C4Dcafe is giving me an error message when I try to message you; it says you can't receive messages. Shall I try through your personal webpage again? Cheers, Hayley
  5. Hi Dan! Thank you! C4Dcafe is giving me an error message when I try to PM you; it says you can't receive messages. Shall I try your personal website again? Cheers, Hayley
  6. Haha, well the universe definitely seems to be against me on this one. I'm just going to post the link here since C4D cafe is buggy and won't let me send it to you via message: https://www.dropbox.com/s/fjuu3xelflyxhpz/Male_V01_P19.c4d?dl=0 Thank you!
  7. Hi Dan! Character rigging, creation etc. is not really a part of the course, although the use of simulation tags is of course. I tried to message you the file but C4D cafe claims I can't send messages since my inbox is full (but I have only one welcome message in there)... even zipped the file is too large to upload here. Can I get it to you another way? Cheers, Hayley
  8. Thanks Dan, that's the one I used indeed. I know it's unconventional, but I figured since the character doesn't need to move (just lie down dead on his side), I could make the tunic this way. It's for a part of my final assignment for a 3D producer MAXON certified course, so I'm not supposed to use paid plugins or 3rd party software. Here's a quick screen grab of the basic tunic shape and the position I want him in (but no tunic...) Cheers, Hayley
  9. Hi Rectro! Thank you soooo much, this seems to be the solution! I have kept the original keys and added keys for the new pose. like you suggested. Now I have run into the following: I had made a tunic for the character (cloth tag on the tunic, cloth collider on the body of the character, and fitted using the dress-o-matic). When I move the body the tunic does not follow, even though I have used the cloth belt along the seams. And even when I 're-fit' the tunic to the body using the dress-o-matic. Any ideas on how to resolve this? Thanks! Hayley
  10. Hi everyone, I'm very new to C4D, and have gotten stuck trying to create a character who I want to pose in a particular position. I created the (human) character and rigged it in Mixamo. I'm not looking to animate the character, I just want him lying down on his side in a particular scene of an animation I'm working on. When I import the .fbx in C4D I am able to position the body without problem, but when I then try to do anything else, the character reverts to T position... Clearly I am unaware of something super basic but crucial in the workflow, but for the life of me I can't find what the reason for this is... Help is much appreciated (frustration levels through the roof, hahaha)! Hayley
  11. Wow, thank you for the fast reply! This worked. Such a simple solution, but I honestly did not know where to look for this
  12. Hello guys, I'm relatively new C4D, and am working on a project that includes a scene with a flyover of a heather landscape. I quickly made up a couple of heather plants and put them in a cloner object on a landscape (multi-instance). I'm using the physical sky, so lighting is dependent on the time/date settings. The heather plants are basically a heather twig projected on a plane which I cloned to a hemisphere. I used a random effector to position the twigs more realistically. The problem is that the pants and light source don;t interact well. There are dark shadow areas (BLACK) on parts of the plant, which I assume is due to the fact that the twigs (i.e. the planes) are too close together and are casting shadow on each other. I have no idea how to fix this... any help would be GREATLY appreciated! Hayley
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