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  1. Super helpful, I had an idea that was the case, but did not fully understand until you broke it down so perfect. I like to know about how to control it and use it to my favor. For now it is helpful to disable it (at times) while I am following the instructor I am learning from. The blue lines always there can make understanding some of his concepts more difficult. Thanks so much!
  2. Hello friends, I am currently learning C4D. I am using C4D R21. While watching tutorials, I have noticed that my configuration of C4D is displaying some hinting of these blue lines that my instructor’s version does not show. I am aware of how to go into Display and turn on Shading and Lines. I have tried multiple modes, and none of them seem to affect these blue lines that I have. What are they, and can I turn the display of them off? Thanks
  3. I am taking it that a backed/rendered animation will give you everything except you alpha channel. Once I get the animation to Animate (Flash) frames I am going to make it interactive of the web (CreateJS). I was thinking of backed/rendered but I would like to hear options for both. Thanks so much
  4. I need to get an animation from C4D to a webpage. I want to use Adobe Animate to build a responsive site around this animation. In the past when Adobe Animate was Flash, I used to use animations rendered as PNG's and put them in Flash Frames. It has been a while since that time. I would like to know if anyone could suggest some modern ways this is done. Thanks
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