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  1. To anyone experiencing the same issue, I solved this by selecting the tags and drag the new material into the Material parameter in Tag Properties.
  2. Does anyone know if there's a quicker way to replace selected materials as a batch when textures are applied through a polygon selection? At the moment I'm dragging the texture over each object one by one and I feel that there's surely a quicker way. Select active materials and applying obviously applies to the whole object. Image attached for reference.
  3. After trying this with my own audio, it still is very jagged I'm afraid... I think because of the actual volume of the speech fluctuating, it is causing a lot of sharp rotations. Is there a way to just enable the sin wave to move at a constant rate left and right whenever it detects sound rather than respond to the actual volume of the sound? (I hope that makes sense...)
  4. I gave the noise option a go but it doesn't seem to evenly rock from left to right (-0.5 + 0.5 for eg)... I can't seem to find the sin node even when I search for it. Does r20 still have it or has it been removed from Xpresso by any chance?
  5. Hi There. I'm currently working on a project where cars are required to rock back and forth on their B axis while they talk. Of course I can animate this frame by frame but I feel that there is a solution within XPresso. Currently I have the following rig set up but because the sound strength is driving the enable of the vibrate tag, the rotation value doesn't come to a gradual stop. I would try to run something directly into the rotation of the car rather than a vibrate but I want the car to vibrate between -5 degrees and +5 degrees. Does anyone have any ideas of how else I could approach this?
  6. Hi jed, I have tried to adapt this Xpresso chain to my Pose Morph and when I link the b to my Pose.0 Strength the Python node turns yellow. Do you happen to know what I may need to change in the Python script for it to adapt to my layer?
  7. Fantastic! That works a treat, thanks so much! Do you happen to know if there's a way I can make the animation look (for lack of a better term) less jittery? It seems to jolt a lot from one pose to another...
  8. So sorry for my late response, I'm still having the issue so if you are still willing to take a look at it, it will be a massive help! Here is the project file: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Nc5xZapFLcgUsbb4K3krsusRUXvfA5dS Not sure if it would include the sound but you can load any sound file into the sound effector and I'm sure it will replicate the same problem.
  9. Just found *.xml log files in the project folder which gives a break down of machine info, render data info (from xF to xF) and batch info which includes added to queue time, start time and overall render time.
  10. I figured what the issue was, I had to change the type of alpha to Float and it did the trick.
  11. Is anyone aware of a way to view past render history times for a project? When I have changed file location etc and open/close the project I lose my history. Does cinema 4d store the time taken for all outputs of a project somewhere in the log files?
  12. I'm only allowed to upload a max of 1.97mb. Is it okay to share the project file through a Google Drive link?
  13. Hi all, hoping I'm posting this in the right place. I've been looking for weeks for a solution for automatic lip syncing with Xpresso in Cinema 4d and came across this tutorial: The idea is Sound -> object into Sample -> Effector with Strength -> Pose Strength. Most forums I've dug into seem to say the same thing also with the chain, but I think this was for versions prior to r20 before the Sound Effector was updated. Has anyone had any luck trying to make the same chain in Xpresso with r20?
  14. Hi all, I am trying to render out a material with an alpha channel. I have created an Octane Diffuse material, loaded the alpha map into Opacity and changed the opacity type in the material editor to "Alpha", but it is still displaying my alpha as white. Have I missed something?
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