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  1. Called MAXON to get the same $250 MSA price to upgrade to R21 Studio-like version that everyone will be receiving, and MAXON rep said no. Prime users get R21 upgrade for $250 and I'd have to pay $725 for same version, which is $475 penalty to me in my view. So I'm out. Out of yearly upgrading cycle. Could afford it, but on principle won't be paying the $475 penalty for same exact product. I'll stick with R20 Studio perpetual for the foreseeable future. Will look into what's going on with C4D price options when R27 rolls around. Although I may be happy with Blender by then, I'll have had 6 or 7 years to get familiar with it and it's improvements. Who knows what Autodesk Indie will be like and cost then, along with various other 3D apps. I'd have likely jumped on to subscription for R22 at $720 or perpetual upgrade pricing (depending on what that will be), but that won't be happening now.
  2. Subscriptions: NOT a good thing if it's prelude to dumping perpetuals entirely. Time will tell. happy for students?: why wouldn't students just get the free educational version that's been around for awhile, or the $295 for 18 month educational version with less limitations. both better option for students than subscription. (Altho this is for R20. Don't know if these educational options exist for students for R21.) Prime MSA owners: why wouldn't Prime users not be happy with R21 for way more than two years. like ten years maybe. If I got R21 (studio like) for $250 MSA, I'd be pretty happy. I don't care if they get R21 for $250, I care that my MSA as it stands is $470 more than that. But that's uncertain until I call MAXON this week.
  3. Thanks Rectro. Actually I deleted that post right after I wrote it when I discovered I missed a whole bunch of posts. ----- So if one doesn't have MSA, upgrading perpetual R20 to R21 is $1000. If one skips R21, upgrade price from R20 to R22 is unknown but likely higher than $1000 (would like to know what that will be). And even higher price R20 to R23. Don't know if R20 to R23 R24 R25 perpetual license upgrades will even be available. Subscriptions are $60 x 12 months aka $720 a year currently, could change any year. Really it should be lower. Well, we're all in different boats and have various views. For me it's pretty simple. Either I get a deal like Prime licensees and pay $250 (instead of $720) for MSA this August to get R21 perpetual in September or I don't. If I can, great. If not, I'll live with R20 for a bunch of years, learn Blender, and maybe get a subscription for R27 or R28 when that comes out just to mess with it for a year, maybe, can't really predict 8 years from now. I imagine a whole lot of Prime folks fine with $250 MSA a year aren't going to go for $720 a year for various reasons (why they picked Prime in the first place), and stick with R21 perpetual for a long, long time. ---- OmegaMan: Perpetual in that you can use R21 from September 2019 thru 2020, 2021, 2022, 23, 24, 25...etc. I think that's what it means. Unless MAXON stops maintaining the check-in server for whatever reason. Your R20 should still work tho, unless it doesn't in Windows 20, or Mac OS X 10.25 (can probably maintain an old system that works).
  4. Look at it from MY side. My Studio MSA is up august 28 2019. I spent $2956 on sale for R18 Studio. An equivalent Prime purchaser spent $1000 or somewheres around there. I bought next MSA for $650 to get R19. Prime guy bought his MSA for $250. I bought next MSA for $720 for R20 cause price went up (hope increase wasn't to help implement subscription system). Prime guy paid $250. All this prior part is fair. Now tho, I have to pay $720 by august 28 to get MSA for best updating price to R21 Studio. While Prime guy, if he also has to renew, only has to pay $250 for MSA by end of august to get R21 Studio. He pays $470 less than me, or I pay $470 more than him, to get exact same version. I don't begrudge him getting R21 Studio for $250, but this is a huge slap in the face to me from MAXON if I can't get the same deal. Don't know what to think about all the Studio people who bought MSAs already for $720 or $725 to get R21. Maybe they should all get credit down to $250 to make it all fair. I include Broadcast and Visualize version people in this too. goodwill noun good·will | \ ˌgu̇d-ˈwil \ Definition of goodwill 1a : a kindly feeling of approval and support I used to have this feeling for MAXON Not feeling it at the moment.
  5. What bothers me the most right now is I've been considering renewing my MSA this august to get R21 perpetual. $720 for Studio owners like me (from my usual vendor). But when I think C4D Prime owner/licensees with $250 MSA will get the exact same (Studio like) R21 license for $470 less than me, that changes my perspective. Gonna need to give MAXON a call.
  6. Where does MAXON say R21 perpetual also calls home every 14 days?
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