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  1. Hey there Hrvoje, Thank you for having them up for the time that you did. They are so very well organized, paced, and thorough. Hope you all find an avenue for hosting them again. Thanks much
  2. Hey there, this past summer / fall I used several of the C4D Cafe courses on YouTUBE (Fantastic courses -- was very grateful). Now they're gone. The account closed too? I had taken detailed notes with time-indexes to the videos (sculpting series, etc) so the notes are sort of compromised now. Curious why the courses were removed and account closed? This was the previous C4D Cafe account page: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_MRjD4IdPtvYLo2dLC-POw
  3. Hey there, I'm reading through these great C4D articles on sculpting. The first introduction page below has a link to a "55 minute Sculpting Tutorial" but it is now resulting in an error. Is this tutorial still available? 55 minute tutorial on using the sculpting system. https://www.c4dcafe.com/reviews/r14/sculpting.html https://www.c4dcafe.com/reviews/r14/sculpting1.html Thanks much!
  4. Pardon me if I am posting this in the wrong location. In the C4DCafe series, Isolated points are mentioned in these two videos. However, my system does not seem to generate these "isolated points" and it's impacting my progression through the problem solving video so I thought I would ask here if there's a place this is controlled in Cinema4D ? I'm using student R20 59 (i think). Thanks in advance! (P.S. So grateful for these outstanding videos. Much appreciated !) Mesh Checking: isolated points Problem Solving portion:
  5. Thank you so much Benek! That was exactly the problem. Although, I am certain that I never went in there and switched it. I recall plugging away a while back and it switching and I am not certain what keyboard / mouse magic I did to initiate that mode, but wow, it's been painful since. Very grateful!~
  6. Somehow my Cinema4D now behaves different than it use to using ALT+Mouse Buttons. Instead of Alt+LeftMouseButton pivoting on the location I click, it now places a crosshair at the center of the screen. Also it seems to pivot from a different point in space / perspective. I'm watching a tutorial and he's covering the behavior of these combinations and I would like to get it back to default. I'm just not sure how to search for a solution to this problem. TIA
  7. I have somehow enabled a selection mode for the Keyframes / Dope Sheet and I cannot figure out how to turn it off and obtain the default marquee selection behavior. Could someone help a new guy out? So sorry for the dumb question. It seems specific to this file, too, as I created a new file and it doesn't exhibit this behavior in the dope-sheet. Here's a screenshot of the problem. When I marquee, instead of selecting things it draws a box in the dope sheet: Thank you in advance!!
  8. Wow Cerbera! Awesome animation showing me the expansion via the points. That is so kind. Thank you so very much for the help and the huge time-saving with this file. Beautiful work. Do you recommend any specific video or link for modeling like you've done here? Really interested in learning more about this as it's not been covered in the training I have encountered so far. Very grateful!! :)
  9. Wow Cerbera, thank you so much for the detailed explanation and getting me pointed in the right direction on this issue. That cut-away has so much more wonderful detail—I see there's a lot I didn't consider and I'll have to dig into the modeling side much more. Really appreciate your help! :)
  10. Hey there Igor and Cerbera, thank you for the welcome. I am uploading the scene file you requested. This is a simplified file with only the problem portion. There's a section for each of my steps so the file could illustrate my issue (and probably my ineptitude too!). The close poly tool seems to be doing an excellent job. I had read it can be problematic. My main issue is that it is not respecting the inner spline and creating a polygon that covers the entire hole. I am not sure if I understand the question about the creation of the whole profile at once. I am very likely going about this entirely wrong? I have only made it through a few rudimentary courses on Lynda.com and will continue on that front. But, my project deadline crept up on me. The animations would be very simple in demonstrating how these aluminum parts fit together, probably. I am merely demonstrating how to build an adjustable aluminum stretcher system I designed for artists--which is essentially a frame with supports. I could include the whole scene but thought this attachment would be easier? Please let me know if I did not answer that clearly. And, thank you so much for the help and offer to take a look. Very grateful. Talk soon, Marc Close Poly Hole.c4d
  11. Hey there. I have created an extruded aluminum tube that is basically a square within a square and is hollow. Four lengths will make a frame (like for stretched canvas / picture frame) so I am trying to cut each end at 45°. I make the cut, and that removes the cap. I tried to use Mesh > Create Tools > Close Polygon Hole. This permits me to make two closures: 1) for the main outer edge and one for the inner edge (hole). But, they’re both covering up the hole now. Is there a way to use the inner polygon to cut a hole in the more outer polygon so that it returns to a tube? To simplify what I am trying to accomplish, I recreated the problem by making a circle within a circle and extruding it into a pipe. I then cut the pipe and am left with a tube within a tube. I used > Close Polygon Hole on each cylinder, but the two discs that are created are opaque. As depicted in this screenshot, is there a method to cut a hole in the outer larger disk with the inner disc (making a hole)? I tried boole, but this didn’t seem to work I suppose because these aren’t simple splines? I am so sorry I am not probably explaining this too well as the terminology and program are new to me. Usually do my work with a paint brush and tube of paint. Thank you for your time.
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