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  1. hi !

    thx for your answer. If I turn the portal off and set the second GI on Irradiance Point Cloud (for example) I'm loosing a lot of light... I don't understand why portal light is burning my texture this way, even when I decrease the multiplier to 10 (see attach).


    Yes I'm using a low sample overall because i'm using the sampling overrides when it's render time 🙂 you suggest I need to increase that ? 





  2. It seems to be the portal light I cranked to 40 in intensity multiplier that cause over exposure, but the rest of the scene is good lighted.... here is the render view

    (I turn of the physical sun so it's not the problem)

    how can I use a portal to have enought light without burning my highlights ? 





  3. Hi !


    I have an issue while rendering an scene, hightlights from my environement HDRI seams burned, and the towel disapear. All look fine in progressive rendering but when I switch to bucket it's a disaster... I think there is a simple presets to tweak.


    I'm using a HDRI map as a environnement, a physical sun and a portal light.










  4. Hi again,

    I was doing tests today and try to animate un plane with soft body to fall down on the table. Then I put my plane in an Atom Array to get the mesh effect. It's pretty close to the result I'm  looking for, but it's still look rigid... is this a way to smooth the atom array ? subdivide ? I thinh the problem is Atom Array generate mesh after the dynamics...







    Annotation 2020-02-17 185643.png

    Annotation 2020-02-17 185839.png

  5. Hi ! 👋

    I'm a beginner in C4D and I would like to modelize a net bag ! See image attach or link below


    The method I found to do that is to use sweep on spline and cloners. I have the flat mesh and now i'm trying to wrap it around spheres (exactly like orange in the ikea picture). I would like to know the best way to do that ?!



    Théo 😉





    Annotation 2020-02-13 171428.png

    weave 2.c4d

  6. Hi Cerbera, 


    I reshaped entirely my spline and tweak my setings . I'm pretty happy with the result ! thx for your help. 

    I choose to add a filet cap to close my shape, the result is good ! but maybe not as good as your recommandation.

    I would like to know if there is an other way to achieve that with 2 splines (in the case where it's a font for exemple) and tell C4D to fill the space between the two spline with a circle wich diameter is equal to the space between the two spline, you see what I mean ? 


    Srry for my terrible english.


    Thx again



    Capture d’écran 2019-08-09 à 11.08.30.png

    Capture d’écran 2019-08-09 à 11.11.16.png

    Capture d’écran 2019-08-09 à 11.23.41.png

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