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  1. Hi everyone! I'm doing a 3D character but wanted to make the mouth as texture. Now, to make animating a bit easier, I'm trying to translate recorded video info to 2D mouth animation. The point where I am, is I have info from video as poses. For example if I make a kissing form with my mouth a respective posemorph will go from 0 to 100% relative to intensity of facial expression. In opposite if I open my mouth as wide as possible, another posemorph will turn on according to it's intensity. I have around 30 posemorphs that try to specify the shape of my mouth. Now where I'm stuck, is the translation of these posemorphs to texture changes. I figured that the easiest way would be to use xpresso and 2D vector field user data. This way each pose would try to push the cursor of this user data to it's corresponding direction. I've attached a sample facial texture with 2D vector field with 12 points in both x & y axis - center being 6.5,6.5. Again, as an example, when making a kissing face the pose should move the cursor of user data towards point 12,12. When having mouth wide open, it should push it to point 1,1 This way the changes of texture would be instant (as playing with opacity wouldn't work here) - each sector of vector field should translate to one specific texture. I've also attached my xpresso starting point. Is there a way to give each material node it's position in xy axis related to 2D vector field? PS! I also considered to post this under jobs category. I have no idea how complicated this task would be, but I would be happy to tip someone solving this issue, so that someone can post the working solution free to use to other members who may benefit from such rig.

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