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  1. I shared my issue with MAXON Support .. . turns out this is a bug related to high DPI displays. It has already been reported - hopefully some day it'll be fixed.
  2. Bezo - thanks about the Render -> Render Region. Learned something new today. And I saw that adjusting Render Settings affected the quality. But ... my viewport test renders continue to be sub-par, no matter which render technique I use (Render View, Render Region, Interactive Render Region) So let me ask - when anyone else does a test render in the viewport, any render engine, do your renders suffer from quality issues?
  3. C4D has a another render region that's different than the interactive render region? Or are you referring to the Redshift render region, below?
  4. Ah, bummer. I was treating it like the render region from my Softimage days, where you could mirror render quality settings between the region and the final render. I was looking for an alternative workflow to the Redshift Render View, (I've been playing around with the trial) but I could never get the IRR to look as good as the Render View result. Thought it was a Redshift issue, but it's the same way with Standard and Physical. Thanks, Marc
  5. I'm trying to track down why my IRR, even when set to 100% Detail, still looks soft and low rez, regardless of renderer. This test is with Physical, but I experience the same with Standard as well as the trial of Redshift I downloaded. I see that the IRR slider on the right does not affect any of the Render Setting values, that it's limited to the IRR Detail slider alone. (I tested worst-to-best IRR and none of the Render Setting values changed) Here are 3 picts showing my issue: 1st - IRR at the lowest Detail setting. 2nd - IRR at the highest Detail setting. The render looks soft, and a zoom of an edge shows the antialiasing to be wide and chewy. 3rd - last image is of the same shot, but rendered to the Picture Viewer. Notice the edge is crisp and the antialiasing is tight. Possible note-worthy clue: the camera label (Perspective) is soft, even though the rest of the C4D interface is crisp and sharp When y'all use IRR, are you able to get a test render that looks just as good as Picture Viewer / final output? Thanks, Marc
  6. I have a hair sim, and my Guide and Hair Count values keep changing from -my- values to some much lower, seemingly random values that I then cannot change -back- to my original numbers. Example - I wanted 1000 Guides .. successfully entered 1000 .. later came back to hair settings and the Guide Count is now at 9. I then cannot type in a number larger than 9 and the spinner doesn't allow me to go higher than 9. Workarounds have included making a new Hair simulation and re-entering my values from scratch. But at some point the Guide / Hair Count values change again - always different numbers, too. Anyone else ever experience / fix this? Had this in R20. It still does the same thing in R21. Thanks, Marc
  7. Funny - just seeing your post because I came back here to write that I discovered the problem was between my keyboard and the chair ... I 'just' saw that I wasn't going into Texture mode. Thank you, Marc
  8. Here's an annotated screen capture of a fresh scene, brand new geometry, one material with one texture map applied. Thanks, Marc
  9. I cannot get my Projection Display to show up in my viewports. R20, R21 ... new scene, old scenes.. fresh geometry with a simple bitmap applied.. nada. I can change the Projection in the Attributes Manager (Flat, Spherical, Cubic, etc..) and I can switch Display types (Simple, Grid, Solid) but no visual feedback in my viewports. Thought I had it 'off' somewhere so I selected Filter -> All and turned everything on, looked in the HUD etc. but cannot find an on/off for Projection Display. I must be cray cray, because I swear I used to be able to change my texture size and placement based on the visual feedback of the Projection Display. Switch I'm missing? Thanks, Marc
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