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  1. Thx for the help, but didn't your forget to add collisions to the file ? I only see the scene with a plain effector
  2. Thanks you so much jed, i worked out with it a bit, works out great ! Now i have to try to make the color change state stay longer.. Anyway thx for the help !
  3. Hi, this is my first topic, first of all a big thank you to this community for all the content and sharing.. I'm posting here after a long struggle on a XPRESSO problem : i have a thousand moving spheres (cloned ofc) that come in collision with a big cube. I want the collisioned spheres to change material on hit. I read multiple tutorials, watched videos and even found a topic that is pretty similar to my problem : My struggle is that what is changed in the topic is the display color and not the material. From now on the only thing i have managed to do is this : it changes all the sphere's material on hit. Any idea how to change only the collisioned sphere's material ? Have a nice day

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