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  1. Ok so let me explain it a little bit further. I need a script to bake all the posemorph tags in the scene to export animated characters to unity. The following script does that and while I'm sure that's a pretty dirty workaround it seems to fullfill its purpose. import c4d from c4d import gui layer_list = [] c4d.CallCommand(12113, 12113) # deselect All def prepareLayers(layer_root): layer = layer_root.GetDown() while layer: prepareLayers(layer) layer_list.append(layer) layer = layer.GetNext() print (layer_list) for x in layer_list: x.SetLayerData(doc, {'manager':True}) x.SetLayerData(doc, {'locked':False}) #print ("done") c4d.EventAdd() def recurse_hierarchy(op): while op: recurse_hierarchy(op.GetDown()) tag_list = op.GetTags() for tag in tag_list: if tag.GetType() == 1024237: # ID = PoseMorphTag doc.SetActiveTag(tag, mode=c4d.SELECTION_ADD) op = op.GetNext() c4d.EventAdd() def bakeIt(): c4d.CallCommand(465001542, 465001542) # Timeline (F-Curves)... c4d.CallCommand(465001191) # Dope Sheet if c4d.IsCommandChecked(465001037): pass else: c4d.CallCommand(465001037, 465001037) # Automatic-Mode if c4d.IsCommandChecked(465001052): pass else: c4d.CallCommand(465001052, 465001052) # Link View to Object Manager if c4d.IsCommandChecked(465001132): pass else: c4d.CallCommand(465001132, 465001132) # Link TL/OM Selection if c4d.IsCommandChecked(465001314): pass else: c4d.CallCommand(465001314, 465001314) # onedirectional Selection Link c4d.CallCommand(465001056, 465001056) # Make everything visible c4d.CallCommand(465001055, 465001055) # Hide deselected gui.MessageDialog('Make sure only "Bake Expressions" and "Animated Parameters" is checked in the next window.') c4d.CallCommand(465001219, 465001219) # Bake Objects c4d.EventAdd() if __name__=='__main__': prepareLayers(doc.GetLayerObjectRoot()) recurse_hierarchy(doc.GetFirstObject()) bakeIt() recurse_hierarchy(doc.GetFirstObject()) prepareLayers() makes sure all tags are available for the following operations. recurse_hirarchy() selects all the posemorph tags. bakeIt() prepares the timeline window so I can call the bake command and it's only applied to the posemorph tags. recurse_hirarchy() selects all the posemorph tags again so I see their tracks in the timeline. That's just checking if it worked. As I said before I wasn't able to write my own bake function and therefore most of the script is preparing the setup to use the built in bake command at the end. I think it's working for me while it will probably make you cry if you're a programming pro ;) So for learning purposes feel free to comment what I did here
  2. Thank you. I have to go trough your script step by step to really understand it and lern something I thing selecting the tags will be a part I need, because in the end I wan't to bake the animation that's on them and because of limited scripting skills I thought about using the bake objects command. That solution would depend on selected objects I guess. But step by step I'm right in the middle of it.
  3. Thank you for the hint. But I need the selection as part of a script so the om filter won't work for me. Still wishing for the magic word ;) Checking every object in the scene for a specific tag seems like the complicated way to do it but maybe you're right ;)
  4. Hi. Probably a pretty basic question: Is there a way to select all tags in a scene that are of the same type at once? Can't find the right python command Thanks Nick
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