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  1. 100% what I needed! Thank you!
  2. Is there a way in C4D to record an action? Something like Photoshop actions. Example: "Create a sphere, move it X -500, assign material to it etc.." I believe all user actions/commands are logged somewhere, maybe I could copy those lines and run them as a script?
  3. Thanks a lot.. "Negate" node it is.
  4. How can I invert the behavior of the Boolean in user data? I would like the tick to enable instead of disable. How to control the shader if its not available in the nodes? Thanks in advance!
  5. Indeed. Totally missed the first tab, thx a lot.
  6. How to turn ON/OFF objects using boolean in user data?
  7. Perfect, Thx jed. Didn't know indents are important.
  8. Is there a way to jump 10 frames in the timeline the way you can in After Effects? Here is an old post but the code doesn't work in R19-R20.


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