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  1. I found a solution for my problem on another thread. If anyone ever faces a similar problem and stumbles upon this thread, this is what I did: Select all the objects that make the animation, change the layout to Animate, below in the timeline go to Functions and choose Bake Objects. This way the animation will be keyframed exactly as you see it on in the live viewer without any state changes. Works perfectly.
  2. Hey guys, This is my first post here and I just want to say that I'm still a complete beginner with C4D so go easy on me if anyone has an answer to my problem. I'll try to explain it as clearly as I can: Basically my scene consists of a sphere inside a cloner inside a metaball with a shader effector applied to the cloner. Inside the shader effector I have a noise texture set to animate and loop. There is also a rigid body dynamics tag applied on the cloner, so that they bounce off each other. The animation loops fine in the live viewer, but as soon as I bake the animation the loop is gone and the first frame of the animation goes into a different kind of state. And as far as I'm concerned you need to bake a dynamic animation, right? Because if I render it to picture viewer the bake gets applied anyways and the loop is gone again. I hope I explained it clear enough? I'm sure there is some simple solution to this or maybe there isn't? Is it even possible to loop dynamics with shader effectors? Thanks
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