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  1. Thank you so much, you have been very precious.
  2. I think that is great, let me understand, only moving the field you make grown the start...it is what I'm looking for! Could you explain to me how did you get it? Or could you pass me the model... Thanks!
  3. Maybe I've found the way!!!! This is the effect that i was looking for! Right? Anyway, my previous question is not satisfied because the perfect thing is to animate the growth using the linear filed: when the spline is in the field,this start the growth. If it possible.. Thanks! Sweep Growth test_0001.c4d
  4. mmmh...it doesn't work, probably I'm the problem, I don't have a deep knowledge.. Anyway, you will command the animation, not the growth parameter (obviously the final result it's the same) right?! Just out for cutriosity, is there a way to command the growth parameter using a linear field? Could I ask you to do the model for me when you have the possibility?! Thanks!
  5. Hi everybody, I've searched for something without results. I would like to command the Growth of the sweep inside the cloner with a certain delay between cloners. I think that the fastest way is by using an effector, I've tried with different effector but doesn't work... Could you help me?! Thanks in advance Sweep Growth test.c4d
  6. Here the reply from MAXON: Remote Desktop cannot be used with applications like Cinema 4D or most games as they are using OpenGL. Remote Desktop does not use the graphiccard from the computer, so no OpenGL and graphicrelated parts can be seen or used. The only known Remotesoftware using OpenGL and can work with such programs would be this one: https://www8.hp.com/us/en/workstations/zcentral-remote-boost.html TeamViewer works a different way, as it just streams what is happening on the other machine, so you can even see the viewport and everything else correctly. The most easy and recommended way, would be to install Cinema 4D on your local machine and just transfer rendered data or scenes. The problem should be that the OpenGL Driver doesn't start, now I ask you, is there a way to run OpenGL driver independently at the launch of C4D?
  7. I have the same problem with 3x GeForce 2080Ti.. Now i have wrote at MAXON! I will inform you about the reply. A solution to show the viewport is to run C4D from teamviewer and then came back to Remote Desktop! For Redshift render view this doesn't work!
  8. Wow! this will be a huge problem because using mainly 3 material and having to use transparency at different times and on different objects, it means to create a lot of materials. Somebody else have other suggestions?! Anyway thank you for your support!
  9. Thanks for your reply, so how could I manage the materials!? I mean, usually, in our model we have 3 paint colour: blue, red and white. Have I to create one material for each element the needs transparency!? Because it could be that I need the effect in different moments of the animation. Or is there a way to "modify" the single material tag assigned at the element?? How would you work to get this effect?? And what about the display tag?? Many thanks!!!
  10. Hi everybody! I'm looking for a suggestion to realize the transparency effect like this video (min 1:25) I've tried with the display tag ( ) but ther're some issue. It's seems that depend forom the number of object in front of the non-transparent parts. It coul be? What do you think? I'm using redshift. Are there other way to realize it? I don't want to use the opacity in the material options because i I think that would be very hard to handle. In attached a small 3d model. Thanks in advance. Transparency.c4d
  11. If I've understood well in both cases it's a post production job, right? I hope to remember to write you the results when i will finish the editing! Thanks for the moment!!!
  12. Hi everybody! could you be so kind as to suggest me a way to have an effect like the minute 10:15 of this video? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HEe-3QfeiW0&t=197s I've tried with some colored lights but is isn't the same effect... Thanks in advance!
  13. Many thanks!!! It was so easy! And....is it possible to give the same dimension at all segments once the "spline" is unwrapped?
  14. Hi everybody, I'm trying to animate a cable wrapped on a cable reel. (example shorturl.at/ewGJ4 ) I've used the dynamic spline but when I try to move the Null1 (please see the file) the cable doesn't follow correctly the point (Null1). The Null1 will move on the Z axis, Is there a way to fix it?? Thanks in advance for all your suggestions! Edit: Of course the model is a sample of my case! unfortunately I don't have the permission to post our project! Thanks! Cable reel.c4d
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