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  1. Amazing! Cheers for doing that, really interesting. Here's a quick preview of it working as a rendered output: I removed the gravity and placed the particles within two planes with no friction to try and keep them confined in Z depth. Things i'm still working on: - restricting collision movement to only two axis (x & y, not z) so it fills out a bit more without any depth (rather than the solution above) - the sound effector isn't reacting as sensitively as I want for the bigger balls, it's missing some notes. I think the solution here is to make a better pseudo track for it to run to with greater frequency changes in the beeps. - I ideally want the balls to disappear on dead air, so I still need to figure out reducing their scale to nothing when there is no sound frequency. I'm having some trouble with the range mapper/sound effector in getting the result I want. Cheers
  2. I'm happy to do it any way possible to be honest. My research led me down the path of TP. Here's an update anyway, it's definitely getting there now. Updated Xpresso configuration: This is working quite well. I've got two xpresso rigs running with rigid bodies. First one, is the small balls that is emitting to the sound frequency. The second is the larger balls which uses a custom soundtrack that just has the peak frequencies cut out, this also adjusts scale. Furthermore I've added a collider plane behind the particle emitter and a gravity node facing behind it to try and keep all the particles on one axis. I'd be keen to understand other solutions as well though Hrvoje. Many thanks Matt
  3. Hello everyone, I have for the last few days trying to recreate an absolutely stunning animation i've seen on the internet that was made in Unity... and I could really do with some pointers on how to get there. This is the reference: https://vimeo.com/270673525 Here is a link to the c4d file (sans the track, which is the same as the reference video): https://www.dropbox.com/sh/kny1rfppuh6183t/AAD-_BGDDwjH6AHhkPoA1cs9a?dl=0 To provide a bit of overview of where i've got to so far: To produce an audio reactive stream of 'filler' spheres that emit to the song, I've created a TP PStorm emitter which emits particles based on the strength of the audio track. This seems to work ok. I tried different options for making the cloned sphere's scales adjust to the music in Xpresso but to no avail via trawling various tutorials. I also found that the sound effector was struggling as the frequency of the track is quite close. Currently what you see is a sound effector driving a second set of cloner spheres with rigid bodies and i've created a basic 'bleep' track that follows piano keys in the song to essentially make it react to the frequencies I want. (So had I got to a result that I was happy with, I would have just laid the final track over top in post). The file is quite rough as i'm just trying to get the particles to react correctly. Once I'm past this stage, it would be adjusting the particles to behave the same as the reference track in terms of their velocity, decay etc. If anyone could help me get nearer to the reference result I'd be very grateful. Many thanks Matt

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