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  1. Hi tdpubs, I was having a similar issue with AMD GPU drivers and S22 hangs/freezes....I would recommend doing a complete DDU to remove any old files or crumbs left in your registery from previous driver installs and trying the AMD Adrenalin 20.5.1 driver released at the end of May. It was recommended by MAXON tech support in mid May (Who were absolutely fantastic trying to help me ) and has completely corrected issues I was having in S22, and i'm not getting any driver warning msgs etc with this driver - I'm running a AMD 5700 XT consumer card for the moment until September GPU releases. Hope this helps.
  2. Thanks for your thoughts and suggestions on this Voidium. It did end up being an AMD GPU Driver issue, so I'm sure if I had an Nvidia in the box, it would have been fine but the Adrenalin 20.5.1 driver update AMD released at the end of May 2020 has corrected this issue...S22 running fine and stable with this update....As I'm learning/ working with arnold cpu, A relief not having to find more money for current gen Nvidia just to run the viewport.
  3. Hi everyone, So after spending many hours searching forums trying to solve my issue, I thought best to post my experiences in case someone else runs into similar. I recently made the call to move to a pc from many loyal years in mac os, and built myself a new workstation last month more suited to a heavy arnold rendering workflow. Hardware used / Configuration:- AMD 3960x Threadripper CPU, Gigabyte Designare trx40 Mobo, 64gb G Skill Trident Z Neo DDR4 3600Mhz C16 19 19 39 Ram, Sapphire Nitro Plus 5700 XT GPU, Gen 4 PCIe SSD's. After installing S22 on the machine, I also installed Arnold Extension for S22, Latest X Particles (In Beta), and Cycles 4d. S22 when in Cinema on my machine runs fine, simulations pretty decent for a relatively average single core speed - runs x particles no problems, renders in arnold fine....But I discovered any time i left s22 - even just to jump into a google chrome tab for a few moments, cinema would then hang or freeze most of the time....Sometimes it would sit for 20 mins in idle without any issue, and other times it would freeze after a minute of being in a different window - No other heavy applications as such, even just chrome tabs, file explorer etc....If I set a render as a test it would run through the render fine, finish the last frame and be frozen in the background behind the picture viewer. I contacted MAXON support and have been working with them over the last 2 days, swapping GPU's, uninstalling all plug ins, closing all background windows processes - and this freeze in s22 we can not seem to fix as yet...Support at MAXON have mentioned they do not have access to similar hardware to try and re create this error / bug - and I am generating no actual bug reports or crash reports to even send them....So I am now posting this hoping it may help someone save some time if they run into the same issue, and also to find out if anyone else is running S22 on a 3960x CPU with AMD 5700 XT GPU? MAXON have not heard of this bug / problem anywhere else - so here I am :). In the interim r21 seems to run absolutely fine so far on my new machine, and I am yet to experience any of the same freezes / hangs in r21 (touch wood). So i am personally now quite confident it is a bug with s22 itself and not my hardware / configuration..but .. Any help or thoughts will be hugely appreciated. Tom
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