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  1. Hiring for Helping on Project -- Retopologize 3D scan model & -- Mocap data edit I'm basing in London and it would be even better if we can meet and work in person. Please email me at yuting.chung@network.rca.ac.uk If you can do it in MAYA or Zbrush , it is also welcome to apply!
  2. I animated a 3dscan model character and apply motion capture data on it. However, the cloth didn't collide on the model. (I have add the collision and cloth tag on cloth and character.) For now, to deal with it, I baked the rigged model with mocap data together( it make the file size of bake model very huge.) However, Once the character starts to move in the space, the cloth doesn't stay on the character... I have try and see many tutorial but it dont have too much resource about it Please help me on this matter. Thank you!!
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