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  1. Thanks a lot to all of you. The animated arc spline seemed to be the easiest one to control via expresso (for me that is) Thanks a lot!!
  2. Hi there is there any way to make a disc (or cylinder or so) grow from one side to the other (as in my attached photos?) on the photos I have just cut it to illustrate what I am looking for. Can anyone help me with a smoother way that can be animated?
  3. Thanks, Bezo. Just what I was looking for!
  4. I would like to create this kind of 2-dimensional slider (attached image is from a tutorial, that doesn't explain how it's done). I only know how to create simple 0-100 strength sliders. Is this done only within expresso, or do I need something else?
  5. Pose_Morph_sound_test4.c4d I cant get the sound effector ro work properly with pose morph. I can hear the sound, but the object is not affected. In all the tutorials I see, the sound effector looks slightly different, and perhaps this is the problem? Anyway I have attached my very simple scene file which includes an object with expresso and pose morph tag, and a sound file. Can anyone check my file to see what I am doing wrong? It should be sop simple according to the tutorials.
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